Hajja Bee

Me: What would you like me pray to God for during Hajj?
S: That I am happy and good…. And lucky! I want to be very lucky!
J: We’re getting a dog right?
Me: Yes.
J: I want a safari car (Ferrari car) but a big one not like the small one! (meaning real, not small like the model one her brother has). And I want to be one of those people who rides horses and fights with swords when I grow up.
Me: A musketeer?
J: yes! A musketeer.
S: (realising he didn’t actually ask for “stuff”) I want a blackberry! Ask Allah to give me a blackberry!
Me: inshallah, I’ll ask now, won’t even wait till I get to Makkah.
S: really?!
Me: Yes. Ya Allah please let S have a blackberry when he is older… Much older.
J: Mama I don’t need the safari car or the musketeer till I’m older, so it’s ok.
Baby B was wagging his tongue at the piece of bread in my hand trying to grab it with his hands and feet.

On the day of Arafa, I prayed that God bless my children and keep them safe. I prayed that He help them to worship Him and to cherish their parents. I prayed that He would teach them what they do not know and remind them of what they forget. And to rain upon them bounties from the sky and the earth. I prayed that they have a strong unwavering faith so that they never fear and are never sad. I prayed that the light of Quran is in their hearts and heals their souls. I prayed that God give them clear and sharp minds. I prayed to God to bless them with good teachers and faithful friends and that He keep them safe from any harm and any sickness be it sickness of mind or body, I asked God to raise the youngest and to make strong the weakest. I asked God to help me raise them well and bless them with the tools to help them in their lives. I asked that He give them all I have asked and all I forgot to ask and all I kept in my heart and all I have spoken.

Finally, I asked God to make S happy and good and very very lucky, I asked Him to make him successful and productive so that he is able to get himself a blackberry when he actually needs one. I asked God to give J the will and means to earn her own money to buy herself a ferrari car when she grows up and I asked Him to let her be a musketeer, unless she changes her mind somewhere along the way and decides to be… I don’t know… a neurosurgeon for example. I asked God to keep baby B safe and to give him a big bowl of yummy stuff he can wag his tongue at and stick his chubby fingers in and to raise him to be as strong and happy a man as he is a baby.

I am thankful to God for this Hajj and am humbled by the sight of so many millions of people in one place, for one love of one God. I am thankful and proud of all the Saudi men and women who have worked tirelessly and selflessly to make this Hajj safe for these millions. I prayed for them and hope you will all pray for them too.

Eid Mubarak!
Hajja Bee :)


  1. Halaa ya 7aga Bee :D… I love this post.. really touched the heart.. I pray your hajj was a wonderful one, and i pray that all your du3at are accepted. Take care.. and keep your great posts coming <3

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