Stuff J says about work

J’s school lets out 2 weeks earlier than everyone else and as an added bonus they want the kids to come to school on the last day dressed as what they want to be when they grow up. This is the conversation I had with J over dinner last night.

Me: J, What do you want to be when you grow up? On the last day of school you can go dressed as what you want to be.
J: I don’t want to wear a princess dress because everyone wears princess dresses when they go to costume parties.
Me: It’s not a costume party exactly J, they want you to wear the clothes that you would wear when you grow up and start work.
J: When I grow up you said I can have a horse.
Me: Yes, you can inshallah. But what do you want to work as when you grow up.
J: I will have a horse!
Me: Yes, but that’s not a job.
J: (On the verge of freaking out) But you said I could have a horse when I grow up Mama!
Me: OK, when you have the horse and your grown up what will you work as.
J: A horse silly!
Me: J, working means when you do something and someone pays you for it. Who’s gonna pay you for having a horse?
Me: Why would I?! You need to do something, having a horse is not doing something.
J: I will train the horse.
Me: OK! great, so you will be a horse trainer!
J: yes, Only for my horse!
Me: J, again, it needs to be something someone will pay you for.
J: But Mama..
Me: someone who is not me.
J: Then I will train people else’s horses as well.


  1. Children are so in the ‘now’, aren’t they! They really do live in a different world from us. Cute post.

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