About Tara

While researching online to find sites about Saudi or living in Saudi Arabia I came across a site called ‘Future Husbands and Wives of Saudi’s’. I thought it was interesting that there was actually a site out there that addressed this subject solely and in such detail!

Tara Umm Omar is the site owner. An American married to a Saudi and living here in Saudi as well. She says ” On FHWS, I endeavor to present both the good and bad aspects of Saudi/non-Saudi marriages and residing in Saudi Arabia.” Tara is a great resource herself as she has experienced first hand what it is like to get the marriage permissions, legal documents and move to Saudi.

In some of my first emails to Tara we talked about how negative most things were on her site. I felt like it was a shame that it was such a popular site and didn’t have enough positive entries. Tara told me that those were the stories people were coming to her with and that, unfortunately, they are mostly negative.

Tara also told me that she has tried to get more participation from Saudi’s but has found it difficult because we tend to be reserved (which we are) and that she relies on personal stories sent in or research she conducts online.

We have exchanged a few emails and I have gotten to know Tara a little and am looking forward to getting to know her more. That is why I was happy to accept her request to interview me and  hopefully will return the favor sometimes soon. Also, if you are sitting in Saudi on your lovely couch in your ‘Salon’ thinking “I am contented and happy and I like my life” as a Saudi married to a non-Saudi or a non-Saudi married to a Saudi or a non Saudi living in Saudi, then please send Tara an email telling her all about it :-)


  1. thank You I will checking out her blog. I am Non Saudi Married to a Saudi just moved to KSA. Thanks!

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