Rain Day! WOOHOO!

No school tomorrow! I want to wake my kids up! But then they will be awake and then all this lovely silence will no longer be. Allah Yihfath’hum (God keep them safe) I will let them sleep. They canceled schools tomorrow because it has rained almost non stop all day mashallah. And I guess they expect it to go on all day tomorrow. We are not equipped to deal with the rain. We are a dry dry dry country here and its a happy happy day when it rains.

Just go to YouTube and type in ‘Rain in Riyadh 2011’ and you will see how excited we all are about it. I have included here what is probably one of the most boring videos I have seen in a while but it serves the purpose. Once again, I lost 40 mins of my life trying to embed the damn video :-( if you want to see it please click here.

Horray Horray I did it!

I found out there is no school tomorrow when I was at my grandmother’s house and just managed to get S on the phone before he nodded off to tell him. I told him the King said he doesn’t have to go to school. He didn’t believe me! Ok, the King didn’t specify S per-say but never the less. Today was J’s last day but she was none the less excited about their being no school tomorrow.

Referring back to the ‘Stuff J Says About Work’ she ended up wearing jodhpurs a white polo shirt and a helmet and was happy she was the only ‘horse trainer’ there. According to J the rest were “Just Dr’s or Kitcheners” (Chefs).

So… a little annoyed we spent an hour on homework… but anyway. Watch tomorrow be a lovely sunny day. It poured, mashallah, and poured and poured all day today and was (is) freezing. (Our freezing which means its 7 degrees Celsius). My feet are cold. It seems to have all cleared up now anyway.

So Happy Rain Day all of Riyadh :-)


    • Yep, we’re not used to it. Some of the infrastructure cant cope so sometimes tunnels flood resulting in ridiculous traffic jams and broken down cars etc. Also, people sometimes speed and roads are scary and slippery. Thats why I am happy we’re not sending them to school in the rain.

  1. so sorry, i meant ‘insane’ in a good way. here, there are some words which traditionally have negative connotations but colloquially are used in positive ways. something i have to remember when conversing with people from other cultures!

    we are currently experiencing heap big problems due to an excess of rain.

    • Oh don’t worry, I know what you meant :) it’s a figure of speech I realised. I saw on the news how bad you are having it. I hope it’s getting better now.

  2. Actual floods would be the only reason our children couldn’t go to school in the rain…lovely that you have the contrast from time to time…now mud?

  3. I watched the video. At least the car has windshield wipers that work. :-))

    I saw a building that looks like a giant tool for planting bulbs.

    When I embed a video in my blog, it doesn’t show until I publish the post.

    • If it’s the pointy one then that AlFaisaliya and if it’s the one with the opening that’s Almamlaka. It worked this time but it won’t embed a video into Pages!

  4. lol… And what a lovely sunny day our rain day ended up :) I went out in the garden and soaked up the sun, the trees/plants/shrubs all looked soooo lovely! I went to my hospital today, and on the way there I noticed there were still MAJORLY flooded roads; I wish they would do something about the infrastructure. During Ramadan I remember watching this show, and it showed us Jubails roads, masha’allah they did it all right! No floods! And the roads looked like the roads abroad masha’Allah…

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