Jo San

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology I am able to type this entry from somewhere in the skies above Saudi. We took off about 10 mins ago, I have convinced S and J to try and sleep so that they can be full of beans when we arrive in Hong Kong.

J has been folding, unfolding and refolding a wet wipe and S has been finding things to complain about along the lines of “I.m cold! I’m hot! J’s seat reclines more than mine!” which is actually really true but that’s Saudi Airlines for you. Baby B (thank God) is asleep.

I will be able to give you a blow by blow account about the flight which I hope will be so uneventful this post will bore you to tears.

We boarded and realised we are on a jumbo jet double-decker thingy. For some reason I cannot a stand these kinds of aircraft. Its bad enough trying not to think about a regular sized aircraft being a huge metal can flying through space defying gravity, let alone a double-decker! Then we had the customary 40 minute musical chairs routine that is the opening show of every Saudi flight.

The guy next to me took my pillow! somewhere between dinner being served and me getting up to the bathroom and his earth trembling snoring he suddenly has a pillow under each arm!! and when I asked the flight attendant for another pillow she said ~”Im sorry ma’am, only one for each person” then she looked at him and shrugged. HE TOOK MY PILLOW! I didn’t give it to him!… His arms are huge… he will probably feel something if I tried to get it back. He is a great big American guy who ended up beside me after the musical chairs episode. It started out with a Saudi who moved beside his colleague then a Filipino man who moved because he wanted to sit next to his wife, then it was his wife and lastly it was this huge american guy. He’s not fat, he’s just big. Anyway, he sat beside me and said hi so I said hi and attempted a joke by saying “I apologise in advance for anything my children may do during this flight” he did not find this amusing at all and so its obvious I have not made a new friend. He lifted his arm!! I’m too chicken to grab the damn pillow. im going to try to sleep… pillow less. Horray! J finally asleep :) S as well… ‘hooray’ whisper.

The rest of the flight was uneventful. In fact, its the next morning already and I am typing this from the comfort of the hotel bed. The stupid stewardesses kept trying to wake my kids to eat! and when I told them no they looked at me like I was a monster. Like they were missing a culinary experience! They left the blinds open and the lights on for the whole flight… why is beyond me. And their voices were so loud I am sure they were all partially deaf. When we were approaching the landing they said “Your children didn’t eat a bite the whole trip! Haraaaam Wallah” I said “that’s fine, they could do to lose some weight anyway” if you knew my children you would understand why this statement would shock anyone. But stupid comments …

We rested at the hotel till evening then went to see the fire works which were amazing. It’s the chinese new year here, the year of the rabbit. The kids got bored about 10 minutes through so baby B was walking around bumping into people on purpose, S was hovering over a little chinese boy playing on his Ipad. literally, the boy was cross legged on the floor with his back to the fireworks playing on his Ipad! and J was annoyed we had to wait till after the fireworks to eat!

All in all a good day. I have to get out of bed and get dressed now otherwise we’ll miss breakfast! Jetlag has been annoying, up every hour almost.

Forgive me if I do not update till next week (and ignore this if I do).


  1. Pleased you got there in one piece. No they have definitely not missed a great culinary experience…and if your kids are anything like mine, they’ll make up for lost time another day! Enjoy your holiday: collect lots of stories for us. ;)

  2. Is hubby not with you to help you with the kids? Hope you enjoyed your holiday!!is Halaal food readily available-Halaal restuarants- in Hong kong??

    • Hubby followed a few days after as he was tied up with work. There actually is a lot of halal places. I met up with some friends there who have recently moved to mainland China to a small(ish) city and they said the Halal places were a God send because otherwise they had no idea what was in the food they were eating! And hardly anyone speaks english where they are. HK is very cosmopolitan and I think you would be able to find anything you wanted there.

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