Conflict Resolution

You may be wondering what my children are doing in the picture above. It may look like a loving moment between S and J that I  captured on film for prosperity. Well, it’s not.

What’s actually happening is a new rule we are enforcing in our house. If they fight, they have to sit, facing each other, holding hands, till they make up. I read this little trick somewhere (mind like sieve, only retains the useless stuff).

As demonstrated in the picture they were barely doing it but if you keep making your kids do this (or a variation of this like sit in a room together till they make up) you will find many many benefits.

Number 1: You don’t have to ever get in the middle of an argument between your kids. No more “But mama he said blah blah blah” Or “NO!! WALLAH! I didn’t do anything… she started blah blah blah“. You just send them to a room to sort it out themselves if you trust them enough not to kill each other. or you make them sit in front of you and hold hands.

Number 2: If you do it enough times they will learn how to quickly resolve their conflicts in order not to be made to sit and hold hands.

Number 3: It’s HILARIOUS to watch!


  1. Good point ! Reverse psychology ! Eventually they will learn ” give and take ” “forgive and Forgot ” and finally words of “compromise ” !

  2. I love it! hahaha…. at this point in time.. I don’t think it work for my kids.. but I will wait a couple of years to test it out… it looks like loads of fun :D

  3. as much fun as it sounds like it will be,i believe this will shape up alot of thier psychology in learning how to debate in a civil manner,i bet by the time they go to college they will be incerdible in dialogs.

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