Blogs by Saudi’s or about Saudi:

American Bedu : Carol says: “With this blog I am sharing my experiences and perspectives as an American in Saudi.  I feel very fortunate that unlike some of the expats in the Kingdom, I make the transition between having typical expat experiences and traditional experiences of any Saudi, on a daily basis, thanks to my marriage to a Saudi man with a beautiful and large extended Saudi family.”

Lost in Riyadh, The ramblings of a Saudi wife: Om Lujain says: “I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a grand-daughter, a sister, a cousin, an aunt, a niece, a friend. I live in Riyadh, KSA, and I am married to my loving hubby of six years, and blessed with a lovely baby daughter and a darling son. I have been all over the world… and truly cannot call anywhere home! You will find that I am often outspoken… yet I mean no harm. I love to live, I love to laugh… God Bless!”

Little Pink Strawberries: Um Talal Says: “I am 29 years old. Married for 4 years to my Saudi husband. We were blessed to have our son Talal whom is 2-1/2 years old. I grew up in east Tennessee and have traveled and lived in several places such as Atlanta, Knoxville, Chicago, Oklahoma City and D.C. My family and I are currently living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.” She also has another blog called Ya Salam Cooking. Both are beautifully designed by So Sweet Designs.

Some Of My Days: Reem Says: “All I can say is that my family is my number one priority, and traveling is my number one activity. I have a beautiful family alhamdulillah with a great husband and two amazing kids who keep me spinning around myself but who are also the light of my life. Maya is four and Faris is a year and nine months. I love animals and books. I am not very outgoing ,, You will only find me with my family, kids, few close friends or home :)”

Saudi Lifestyle Magazines and Blogs:

Oasis Magazine: BEAUTIFUL Arts and Culture magazine from Saudi. Oasis Magazine is the arts & culture magazine that continuously celebrates our cultural heritage and a modern, progressive and young MENA generation. It is the first arts & culture publication of its kind from Saudi Arabia.

Oasis Unedited: Blog edition of the Magazine.

Riyadh Citi: A Lifestyle magazine and city guide.

Ya Salam Cooking: Um Talal Says: “I am the founder of Ya Salam Cooking which I established in 2007. The reason I started Ya Salam Cooking was because I was simply tired of not finding the recipes that I was looking for and when I did they had very complicated directions. I have tried my best to simplify recipes, make fatty recipes a little bit healthier and to provide as much information I can about the recipe and products that I use. This site gets thousands of hits per month from all over the world and I am truly thankful for all of the loyal readers I have established over these past three years.”

Parenting Blogs:

Alpha Mom: Alpha Mom is a consumer lifestyle brand, new media and research company for moms and moms-to-be. It was founded and is run by Isabel Kallman, a mother to a 7 year old son.

Notes From the Trenches: Chris Jordan was a child in her former life. She got married straight out of graduate school to her trophy husband, gave birth to more kids than you can count on one hand, and after thirteen years of parenting still looks around and wonders when the real mother is going to come home.

Free Range Kids: Lenore Skenazy says: “Do you ever…let your kid ride a bike to the library? Walk to school? Make dinner? Or are you thinking about it? If so, you are raising a Free-Range Kid! Free-Rangers believe in helmets, car seats, seat belts — safety! We just do NOT believe that every time school age kids go outside, they need a security detail. Share your stories, tell your tips and maybe I’ll use them in a new book. Here’s to common sense parenting in uncommonly overprotective times!”

Kloppenmum: Karyn Van Der Zwet is mother of three and ex-teacher. Frustrated by common parenting advice, she spent more than three years reading everything she could about the human condition : neurology, psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, physical health… She and her husband completely changed how they parented their three children. “What a journey! And it worked.” She says, “It feels like I’ve come out of Plato’s cave and am enjoying the fresh air for the first time.”

Extremely Useful Parenting Sites:

Worlds Mom Blog: Join us on a journey of motherhood around the globe!  World Moms Blog came about from the idea of merging what it’s like to be a mother, writing, anthropology and all things international.  It is written in English and is a volunteer effort.
As busy mothers we often find ourselves without the time to be jet-setting around the planet.  So, we invite you to come travel the world with us, through our global writers.  We will read about how women across the planet are mothering, how their lives are similar or different from ours, what’s on their minds and expand our horizons into corners of daily life around the world. We specialize in training, consulting and researching parenting practices that can help you in the day-to-day development of your children.

Baby Center: BabyCenter is the voice of the 21st Century Mom® and modern motherhood. Now the Web’s #1 global interactive parenting network, it has nurtured more than 100 million parents since its launch in 1997. BabyCenter reaches over 78 percent of new and expectant moms online in the United States, and 7 in 10 babies born in the United States in 2009 were BabyCenter babies. (they have a great week by week guide to your pregnancy which is amazing and continues after the birth till your kids are through preschool!I love this site)


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