One Paragraph Journal

February, 14th, 2017

Let’s give this another shot… Stayed home to do work. Its noon and hardly got anything done. So much to do today and I want to just cancel it all. Travelling on saturday. 21 weeks pregnant by Friday inshallah. Tomorrow is my second session with my SECOND group of mothers for group parenting course. LOVING IT! One paragraph journal lets do this right this time.

September, 10th, 2016

I’m having issues with the abstinence. I’ve gained 3 kilos… I know why and I know what I have to do to loose them… Yet I am not doing it. On a mission to understand why. Another thing is my children are out of whack… Therefore I am out of whack… Sleeping hours all over the place and eating habits down the drain. In Sunset now. I am right now making a decision to take control of the situation and sort this out. Because nothing is out of control unless I let it be and I let it be. Hence the kids sleeping in my bed now 🙈

September, 4th, 2016

It’s the second day of the (restarted)sugar abstinence. Except I am just thinking refined sugars. So no desserts or sweets or stuff like that… That has to make a difference health wise! I am struggling to get back into running. I have been working my way up to 200 squats tho! I have done 51 today. 200 a day I mean. Spending loads of time with the kids and loving it but we do have a bit of cabin fever. I am in a total and utter slump work wise and seriously contemplating going to a cafe somewhere to work! Can’t get anything done with kids in the house.

August, 20th, 2016

It’s day 6 of the (restarted) sugar abstinence and I’m tired.I have been sleeping very very late and not feeling well. Also I haven’t lost an ounce in 2 days. I had carbs today but no (refined) sugar. I am having honey but not more than a spoon full. Ok good news, I have ben working on my Ahal Coaching website and I have decided to start scheduling courses in October. I need a deadline! One day courses in October and November then after that the group parenting program. I am very excited.
Loving the extra time with the kids here. Going back to Riyadh tomorrow tho and I miss my home. I hope I will have the same amount of time with the kids there. Absolutely abhor sleeping late and waking late…

August, 18, 2016

Things Boodi said: “you can’t see yourself because your face is not infront of you and turning this way to look at you.. So you can’t. Unless you look in a mirror. But without one you can’t. I imagine I am theree looking at me and then I would see myself.”

“Mama if the moon went away the water woukd go awas?” me: “No, the moon effects the movement of the ocean but it wont go away if the moon isnt there.” Boodo: “what will happen of the moon wasnt there?” me: “i dont know… but I will ask for you”. Boodi: “you’ll ask science people?” Me: “I’ll asl science people”
loving my time with kids. relaxed and easy and so much I am absorbing.
Found a lizard in the room. said to Mo “we need a man to get rid of it”. meaning someone from housekeeping. Not meaning he’s not a man. oh how we laughed. he killed lizard then walked out into the hall where i was cowering and asked me to remove it from the room. I obviously refused and he picked up my handbag and walked back to put the lizard into it. screaming and ahouting ensued and some threats and pulling of clothing until he complied. sleeping in a room with a dead lizard because niether of us will pick it up. good night

August, 12, 2016

1.18 am. In bed, in Megeve. I’m in bed with Boodi and Khaled because our nanny is catching an early flight out of here on her annual vacation. It’s meant to be 4 weeks but somehow, with collected days off and a borrowed week from next year she has 6 weeks off. If you’ve ever had a reliable and proactive nanny you would understand that I will miss the support. At least she’s speaking of next years annual which is a good sign. This past week has been amazing. This needs a post not a paragraph. Leaving to Dubai tomorrow.

August, 8, 2016

12.45 am. Been in Megeve 2 days now. Kids were Over joyed. Mama was over joyed. I love good surprises! We hiked up a mountain today with Saud, Aljohara and cousins and aunt. 3.8k uphill. J jumped into a stream. Learning from the crowd around me to chill out about things like that. Yes she was soaking for ages but honestly what harm did it do? She ended up being the only child to hike the 4K down with me and I know I knew I missed her but didn’t realize how much till we were walking down and chatting❤️ Saud is blossoming if boys could blossom. There’s something bitter sweet about a child realizing their own identity that is completely and utterly seperate from their parents. He learns from us and follows our guidance but he sits there across from us having his own thoughts and opinions and carrying on conversations with people he has cultivated relationships with while we were gone. Never once looking across to see what I think. He almost makes me feel like there very little parenting left for me to do… Then he calls me out of the living  before bedtime to tell me something that’s making him anxious and I must admit I am a little relived there’s still a need for me there somewhere. K and B absolutely a mess with travel and no nanny but still.m, K saw a horse jump through a ring of fire and B walked through cows in the alps to feed a massive horse some bread. They also both tried fondue for the first time today and loved it. Worth every melt down! No goals tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Good night

August, 6, 2016

2.30 am in Dubai airport hotel on my way to surprise my mother and my two older kids in France… Boodi and Khaled asleep… Need to sleep. Excited and apprehensive. Missing Mo. Need to sleep… Day 6 on sugar abstinence which has turned into carb abstinence too without me knowing. Feel good. Feel in power. Lost two kilos! Hubby says water retention. I say what ever! Horray either way. Need to sleep… Goals Acheived  Swam with kids. Managed my feelingsonky ran 3k. Goals for tomorrow (or today morning ) remember that it was my choice to fly with my two younger ones to Dubai, spend night then go to Switzerland on a 7 hour flight then get in a car for an hour and a half. Remember that they will be tired and may be grumpy because they are human and they are children. Remember that I have to manage my grumpy. It’s not their fault. Highs: there is no higher compliment to be paid to a mother than to be told that her children are sweet and well behaved. So proud of Juji and Saud right now! And this is after they spent a few days with them. Can’t wait to see their faces!

August, 3, 2016

Day 3 on sugar abstinence. Not feeling too hot. Didn’t sleep well also have been in a bit of a haze all day. Trying to always keep to the high points in this exercise so… let me think. Finally published my ‘why safari’ post. Bought a colouring book… Thats all I have for today tbh.
Goals Achieved: Too yoga class. Finished blog post.
Goals for tomorrow: Run a 6 k. Or a 5 at minimum. Feel better even if I feel worse. The way I feel is in my own hands. Swim with kids. Have a massage. Do Yoga.

August, 2, 2016

Went to see finding Dory today with Khaled and Boodi. They enjoyed it. Every time baby Dory came on with there parents Khaled reached out to hold my hand. Abstinence is the word of the day thanks to Grechen Ruben (more about this is an upcoming post). No bread and n sugar anymore.
What I must remember: A little bit of play goes a long long way. In stead of insisting it was bed time and the day was done we played a 10 minute card game and I got ushered out after we finished (with hugs and kisses) by Khaled as opposed to having him clinging onto me and getting into a 10 minute negotiation. The 10 minute playing was definitely much more fun for both of us. 
Goals for tomorrow: Aqua gym class AND Yoga class. Write a blog post, finish safari blog post.


Camden came to sunset and we lost him for a bit when khaled opened the back dope for him after I repeatedly said ‘khaled no, Khaled No!, KHALED NO’ which resulted in khaled crying and Boodi hearing me use the F word when I didn’t know he was behind me. Lot of play today with K and one on one time with B. Need to be more productive tho.


Khaled asked me today if I knew what a cac tos is. I said no. He said it’s a vegetable. Abdullah said “you mean asparagus khaled”. In sunset, Mo took me and kids to hamleys then we bought books. Dinner in La Terrace. Quiet and relaxed. I started a one line (one paragraph) journal!