One of the reasons I started this blog is because I thought it would be good fun to look back and see my little families antics. So I decided I have to dedicate a page to my kids own little dictionary. Please tell me what wonderful words your kids come up with!


  • Bututai = Butterfly
  • Some Prize = Surprise
  • Some Bousa = Sambousa (or samosa for none arab speakers) “I only want 1 bousa”
  • Laban Juice = Chocolate milk (Laban is butter milk) It took us weeks to figure out what the poor boy wanted when he asked for ‘Laban Juice’!
  • Dao Doo Daa = Don’t do that


  •  Cardi’ gan = Cardigan
  • Dra’ er = Drawer
  • Valinna = Vanilla
  • Our Chother = Each Other (one of my favorite things that she says!)
  • Scrubble = Scribble or mess something up e.g. your scrubbling it!
  • Wepwipe = Wet wipe
  • Bubu Baf: Bubble bath
  • Froppely = Wobbly
  • Scoopy = Spooky
  • People else’s = Other peoples
  • Baltezos = Maltesers which are actually M&M’s
  •  Moutella = Nuttela
  • Fustrated = Frustrated
  • Yoz – Past tense of use


  • KAK = Cat
  • Abidab = Elephant
  • I la you = I love you
  • A-Do-La-Bul = Adorable
  • Malouk = Mama Look
  • I donk lak = I don’t like
  •  Like my own = by my self
  • I love you all in the world = ❤
  • I’m being be careful = I am being careful
  • Lets have a Chity Chat
  • Telerscape: sellotape. As in “Can I telerscape the paper?”
  • Self Africa= South Africa
  • Pacific = Specific


  • Calimo = Camel
  • Aki laita = See you later
  • Why Di Do Dat?! = Why did you do that
  • Keep care of this= take care of this
  • Allah’s water = the sea
  • Athu Babi = Abu Dhabi
  • Salt Africa = South Africa
  • Binoculous = Binoculars
  • Maglifying glass = Magnifying glass

4 thoughts on “Vocab

  1. Reem Seraj says:

    My beautiful daughter H says Epalant instead of Elephant, and no want this one, for I don’t want this, some of the things they say are priceless

  2. Hala says:

    Love it!! “I am being be careful” is so funny. I’ll have some Boussa please lol
    Here are some of the ones I remember from my girls. Thanks for encouraging us to document them!

    A’s words:
    happy to you to you = happy birthday to you
    an erase = erase – an eraser (noun), an erase (verb)
    disastrophe = disaster + catastrophe
    begful = involving a lot of begging

    N’s words:
    certifatic = certificate
    Miss Miss Bush = Mrs. Bush (name of her first teacher at school)

    Confestake = confiscate (with the implied meaning of taking)

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