One of the reasons I started this blog is because I thought it would be good fun to look back and see my little families antics. So I decided I have to dedicate a page to my kids own little dictionary. Please tell me what wonderful words your kids come up with!


  • Bututai = Butterfly
  • Some Prize = Surprise
  • Some Bousa = Sambousa (or samosa for none arab speakers) “I only want 1 bousa”
  • Laban Juice = Chocolate milk (Laban is butter milk) It took us weeks to figure out what the poor boy wanted when he asked for ‘Laban Juice’!
  • Dao Doo Daa = Don’t do that


  •  Cardi’ gan = Cardigan
  • Dra’ er = Drawer
  • Valinna = Vanilla
  • Our Chother = Each Other (one of my favorite things that she says!)
  • Scrubble = Scribble or mess something up e.g. your scrubbling it!
  • Wepwipe = Wet wipe
  • Bubu Baf: Bubble bath
  • Froppely = Wobbly
  • Scoopy = Spooky
  • People else’s = Other peoples
  • Baltezos = Maltesers which are actually M&M’s
  •  Moutella = Nuttela
  • Fustrated = Frustrated
  • Yoz – Past tense of use


  • KAK = Cat
  • Abidab = Elephant
  • I la you = I love you
  • A-Do-La-Bul = Adorable
  • Malouk = Mama Look
  • I donk lak = I don’t like
  •  Like my own = by my self
  • I love you all in the world = ❤
  • I’m being be careful = I am being careful
  • Lets have a Chity Chat
  • Telerscape: sellotape. As in “Can I telerscape the paper?”
  • Self Africa= South Africa
  • Pacific = Specific


  • Calimo = Camel
  • Aki laita = See you later
  • Why Di Do Dat?! = Why did you do that
  • Keep care of this= take care of this
  • Allah’s water = the sea
  • Athu Babi = Abu Dhabi
  • Salt Africa = South Africa
  • Binoculous = Binoculars
  • Maglifying glass = Magnifying glass
  • Spicy water = Perrier


  • Where di go? Did go! = When he hides something then brings it out again.
  • What’s haza?= What is this.
  • Sprinkles = Wrinkles
  • Monkey cheese = Macaroni and cheese
  • It’s too soundy = it’s too loud
  • Teeth cake = cheese cake
  • Intentdo = Nintendo
  • Maynonaise = Mayonnaise
  • Cumeputer = Computer


  1. My beautiful daughter H says Epalant instead of Elephant, and no want this one, for I don’t want this, some of the things they say are priceless

  2. Love it!! “I am being be careful” is so funny. I’ll have some Boussa please lol
    Here are some of the ones I remember from my girls. Thanks for encouraging us to document them!

    A’s words:
    happy to you to you = happy birthday to you
    an erase = erase – an eraser (noun), an erase (verb)
    disastrophe = disaster + catastrophe
    begful = involving a lot of begging

    N’s words:
    certifatic = certificate
    Miss Miss Bush = Mrs. Bush (name of her first teacher at school)

    Confestake = confiscate (with the implied meaning of taking)

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