Travel and the guilt of parenthood

I love london, I love every little miserable rain drop. Although I must say that the weather is absolutely beautiful. I arrived from Riyadh feeling both ridiculously happy and horribly guilty because I am traveling solo sans my mini tribe.

No one ever tells you about the guilt when they tell you about becoming a mother. It is as though when you give birth to the baby you give birth to it’s weight in guilt. Straight away off the bat you feel incompetent. The baby firstly shows you how you do not have the slightest idea how to feed him. That a simple task that all mammals have been doing since the dawn of time is beyond your capabilities. Then we move on to getting the baby to sleep. Why oh why is it so difficult to get a baby that is oh so tiered to actually sleep! and it goes on and on from there.

The way it usually goes when I travel without the kids is I spend the first few days thinking how much fun they would have had if they had come with me. Then I think about how little fun I would have had if they came with me and that them coming would defeat the purpose of taking this little trip. Then I spend the middle part buying things that the kids “need”. Then when the guilt finally subsides it’s time to pack up and go home!

I have decided though, that this trip would be different. I decided this after I found myself staring at the nappies in Lords supermarket and thinking of the kids. Seriously… how sad is that. So, NO THINKING OF KIDS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK!

Of course this doesn’t include calling them three times a day to see how they are. Interviewing nanny candidates to replace our current nanny. Buying knee pads for Baby B (started crawling) Getting shoes for S and some books for J. Yes… I am so so sad.

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  1. No worries, the maid, nanny and the domestic help will take care of everything. The question is for most of us Saudis, would our kids even notice that we were gone? The driver, nanny and maid have replaced the day to day family in Saudi. It is a shame.

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