What The Mountain Taught Us

*This post was posted last week then seems to have disappeared! I apologise. Cant find it anywhere! Only found the old version of it in drafts. First off, Oman! You are beautiful. I mean I heard you were before, but I didn't realize! Your landscape, Your greenery, the wadi's the peaks, the people! I know I have … Continue reading What The Mountain Taught Us

(insanely long) Review: ‘Unconditional Parenting’ by Alfie Kohn

I tried to make this shorter, and yes I know this looks more like a synopsis than a review but it's not detailed enough to be a synopsis and too detailed to be a review so lets call it a conversation (with myself obviously) If you just want to read the highlights then read the bold … Continue reading (insanely long) Review: ‘Unconditional Parenting’ by Alfie Kohn