Where oh where did my waistline go?

I have skimmed through a few blogs written by Arab women or women married to arabs such as Om Lujain’s or Umm Khaled’s and the current popular topic seems to be weight loss.

Mashallah I commend their dedication and commitment and hang my head in shame on my lack of either. The problem is, I truly fully expect the weight to just disappear on its own accord. No, I’m not insane, but for some reason, even though I am not doing much in the way of dieting, I still get upset that I am still about 10 kg over my ideal weight.

I had my third child 10 months ago and I have a bad habit of gaining 22-23kg every time I get pregnant. I honestly cannot keep my mouth shut! and every time I say I am not gonna do it again, and every time I do.

Is it unrealistic for me to set my ideal weight for the weight I was pre kids? Because I haven’t seen that weight since I got married (got pregnant on my honeymoon).

Now I know it’s not realistic to set that goal and do nothing to achieve it, I’m fully aware of that. But at least I have gotten over my “opposite of body dimorphic disorder” where I would look in the mirror, 18kg over weight, and think “I look really good!”. Then, after loosing 5 or 6 kg I look back at pictures and go “OH MY GOD! I was so fat! but now (still 12 kg over weight) I look good :-)” and so on and so forth.

I remember, after giving birth to my second child, I was traveling with my husband and mother in law and I tried on a pair of jeans I had packed (they were a bit too long and I couldn’t remember exactly when or where I got them which is odd since I don’t own many jeans) but they got past my thighs and I could close the button… just. I remember feeling really triumphant and thinking that the weight magically melted away (as I still think it will) and when I walked out of the bathroom my husband looked at me and said “those are my jeans”

Kill me now!


  1. Aww thanks for mentioning me in your blog :) How do I follow you? I don’t see a FOLLOW tab to click on. Well I have to lose more…but I am trying. I am the same…every baby I gain 40-60 pounds hehehee 40 pounds first….50 for 2nd baby and 60 for 3rd YIKES! But I am getting there and learning so much as I go. Healthy is best. And eat breakfast :)

    Love Kasey UmmKhaled

  2. My pleasure UmmKhaled. I didn’t gradually build up to 22 I just decided to shock my body all at once the first time lol. I moved my “subscribe button” up closer to the top and I am going to add my twitter name in my “about” page. It’s Yamaamaa.

    Love reading your blog, and thanx for the support in my new little blog :-)


  3. aww.. thanks for the mention dear… The pleasure is truly mine.. you had me on the floor laughing like a mad woman with this one… my sister called me at that same moment, and I could barely get the words out of my mouth.. hahahaha.. too cute I swear! But other then them not being your jeans… I love the feel of slipping into a pair of jeans without forcing something or another in.. hehe..

    Loved.. Loved… Loved this post.. and Your blog is truly a wonderful little place in which I will be visiting often!

    Thank you for the email :)

    Take care

  4. Thanx so much Om Lujain for the support :-) I’m glad you like my blog! I’m new to all this and your kind words mean a lot to me :-)

    It’s funny, I still have my pre baby jeans on the hopes that, inshallah, one day I will slip into them again!


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