Another Dose of Randomness

4000 people have viewed my blog! I know for some people this is a daily occurrence but for me it has happened over the last 4 months.

actually, now it’s 4,023*.  As usual I started this entry in the morning and am attempting to end it at 12.14 am. If I fail, then i will just trash it because this is another post that has no particular direction and I do not have anything desperately important to share with you now. I just think it is really cool that people are still interested in reading what I write.

When I started writing the blog I was obsessed with how many people visited daily. Let me give you the numbers from the first week: 9 views. Second week: 8 views. Third week: 17 views. (all family who I pestered into reading my blog).

After my interview with American Bedu, I hit the big time! With 250 views on that day! (Yes, I know, peanuts for others but a huge spike for me :-) But I now have a decent average and have decided not to look too much at the number and only quit when I don’t enjoy it anymore.

I never saw the 200’s again. But I did get pretty close with my ‘Islamometer’ post. One day, without any warning, my husband told me he really enjoyed reading my blog. He then added that he thinks I am very talented. (blush). It’s comments like that, that are unexpected and out of the blue that make me smile.

This all got me thinking today that I love writing. I have always loved writing. I used to write poetry. I love literature. So, why didn’t I study that? I mean how did I not even think of it as an option for me! I would have loved it so much! The thought of spending 4 years experimenting with different kinds of writing styles and learning new technic is just amazing. I am an idiot.

I spent the last two hours searching on-line for writing courses. At least I am sure it is something I can do ‘long distance’. Then I was faced with all the different genres of writing.

Fiction? Maybe… but could I really write a piece of fiction without it drawing so heavily on my real life that it ends up being fact?

Personal History? Yeah, I’m 30… How pompous must a person be to write an autobiography of their life when they are only 30? I will probably be pompous enough if I start getting 4000 hits a day. (Is it pompous of me to be writing a blog that is essentially a personal history of sorts? You’re still reading it so it must be interesting lol)

Children’s stories? That is probably the most intimidating of genres. When you have amazing books such as The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson, Where the wild things are by Maurice Sendak, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein and other amazing writers like and Roald Dahl and Audrey Penn. Not to mention all the Dr. Suess books! There are also the arabic children’s books that I think are amazing, like ‘لما بللطت البحر’ (when I tiled the sea) by Rania Zagheer and I Love You More by Nahed Alshawa. And some of my favourites by Hala bint Khaled (cannot seem to find a link online but her books are available at Jareer bookstores in Saud). The thought of writing and illustrating a children’s book sounds like so much fun… I am intimidated by what my children will think.

Journalism? Sounds very interesting. Except I’m not too good with names and dates. Or remembering events… or keeping my facts straight for that matter. So probably not a good idea. I could start a fictional newspaper full of fictional news!

Novel writing? I’m tired even thinking about it. Maybe the way to go is to take a few short courses in different writing genres and see how it goes. I still secretly hope that for some reason someone will pay me for doing this! How amazing would that be! But would it be as enjoyable when I HAVE to do it as opposed to just doing it cause I want to… I guess it depends on how much I get paid lol.

*Now 4,040 because I went to sleep and finished it this morning lol.


    • Not sure if you are being sarcastic lol. I had one day with over 200 because of the interview. Never got there since then. But incase you are not being sarcastic then thank you. I was lead to believe that that was a feeble number in the blogging world.

  1. First of all I want to encourage you in that it does take time to build up a following on a blog. Additionally it helps if you look for sites where you can have your blog added which in turn gives more exposure. For example, my blog is listed in many of the expatriate sites.

    Secondly, you are a gifted writer! My recommendation is to start first with short stories as they are much easier to put together and complete than a novel! The more you write, the more the words and ideas will flow.

    Last of all, jot down notes of things you feel you would like to write about. You might think of a concept or an idea that interests you but are not able or in the mood to write about at the time. I’ve done this since the inception of my blog and found it makes it easier for me to always have something to write.

    Keep up the great blogging and good luck on future writing endeavors!

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