Stuff J says about China

J: What if they think we are China girls and boys and then they talk to us China? ba’dain*, they’ll know we don’t know China and they’ll say “Hummm?” ba’dain we can’t talk to them ba’dain eeeeeverybody will kick us out!

Me: Why will they kick us out?

J: Because we’re not China and they don’t know how we speak. Ba’dai… oooops!

Me: What?

J: Something bad!

Me: What is?

J: China people who cook!

Me: What do you mean?

J: You know the China people?

Me: Yeah?

J: Who cook?

Me: Yeah?

J: We can’t tell them what we want to eat! Because they’re China and we’re not!

Me: Do you think there is nobody in china who speaks English.

J: Yeah.

Me: So you don’t think we will find any body who understands us?

J: No

Me: Well then we will have to learn Chinese.




J: I don’t want to go to China.

*Ba’dain is “and then” in Arabic



  1. I lived in China for a year as an exchange student. I have red hair and freckles… I would have children touch my arm then look at their fingers to see if a freckle rubbed off on them! too funny.

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