Just Stay Home

“She’s going to hell because she’s naked”

“She’s going to hell because she’s unveiled”

“She is going to hell because she’s unashamed”

“She is going to hell because her eyes are provocative”

“She is going to hell because here eye might be provocative (Better safe than sorry)”

“She’s going to hell because she left her house in the first place”


  1. Have you heard of a ‘Circle of Influence’? It means we influence those close to us and then extend our influence a little at a time, so eventually we can influence many and ignite the process for change – I think that’s the opportunity we n0w have with the internet: to be able to extend our circle of influence faster than ever before.
    This kind of information is invaluable for the likes of me, who has had no real experience of these the kinds of attitudes represented here. May your circle of influence grow!

    • Thank you. The cartoon represents, unfortunately, the reality in most cases. I do think people here are evolving and hopefully moving towards a balanced Islamic way of life. It takes time.

    • But very true. We have a saying that Yasser I am sure is very familiar with. It is : شر البلية ما يضحك meaning “the worst misfortunes are the ones that make you laugh” loosely translated… this cartoon had me in stitches.

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