Through them out!

A paper came home with S from school today. It was lyrics to a song about recycling. One line was “recycling helps the planet, Ya ya, and please stop throughing trash on the floor”.

I really want that emoticon on the blackberry that is of a face with a hand covering its eyes. Or the one with the crying face and tears everywhere, or the red angry face. Any would be sufficient. I am even contemplating uploading an audio recording of me going “UUUUUGH!!” but I will stop at saying SERIOUSLY?!

Before you run like mad from your laptop I will not go into the same rants about school that I have had a few times already (incase you are interested I had them here and here). I just wanted to share the lovely lyrics with you. (and here)


  1. Please tell me its a government Arabic school! (no need to answer that one, I already know its not)… It truly annoys me that we pay the prices we pay for the incompetence and the awful level of education our children get! Sometimes I think Homeschooling would be better off for our children, instead of sending them to the schools we have here :(

    • My cousin tried the home schooling. She decided to do it with a few friends and thier daughters have graduated now with an amazing education. Their Arabic language skills would put us to shame. All of their skills would put us to shame. But it is a commitment they made and stuck to it because they cannot revert back to normal school once they start as school here wouldn’t accept them coming from tha system. She is having to send her youngest to normal school since, unlike her sister, she does not have anyone at all with her. Allah I3een… it’s a lot of work though.

  2. Hmmm-maybe I should move up there and run that school!!!are the teachers there all Saudis or foreigners? And some of the other blogs that I follow have a thing called ‘Live Traffic Feed’-so they see who visits their blog–do you have that?

    • Please come and run a school here! Lol I can guarantee you you will make a lot of money! The government schools have a Saudi majority. Private schools have many different nationalities from Arabs to europoeans to Americans. I don’t have live traffic feed, that sounds cool. Will research. Although worries is not very friendly other peoples applications.

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