Did I Miss Something?!

NYC - Meatpacking District: OBEY Giant Arab Wo...
Image by wallyg via Flickr

The most popular post on my site is the “Arab Women Are Evil, According to other Arab women” post. That is because it is the post that gets the most traffic from search engines. That is because some the search terms that direct people to my site the most are:

– Evil arab women (Or Arab women are evil. Most popular)

– Women are root of all evil (second most popular)

– All arab women look the same

– Arabic bad women

– Women root of evil (at least not specifically Arab)

– Why are middle eastern women so evil

– Why are arabs suddenly so evil

– Evil arab women

– A difficult arab women

– Arab women cheat

– (My favorite so far) arab women have 5 wife

–  Arab is the root of evil

– Why do arab women get so fat (Latest one today)

Hummm… Not sure what to make of that. I guess I realize it’s not only Arabs who think Arab women are evil. Then again, I guess you don’t have to be Arab to be evil, just a Woman!


  1. Really, shame on the ones who used such mean terms. I happen to be a woman and I don’t see myself as “evil”, no matter how many men (or other women) like to make us appear that way. Without women, human kind would be extinct. I think those womenhaters need to remember that very carefully. What a shame they can’t hold us back from claiming our God given rights! I know who will bite the dust in the end, and it won’t be us!

    • Women have always been the coat hanger for blame allmthroughout history. I doubt it will really change much in the end. But everyone know, weather they admit it or not, without us men would be lost! We are the ones who work the hardest, sacrifice the most and get the least thanks.

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