The Public Has Spoken…

And I have ignored. Well not really! An overwhelming 5 out of 6 people disliked the new theme. (only 6 people voted and at least 100 viewed the page… tsk tsk). So I thought I would try another one and not go back to the old one because the old one is now “old” and boring. And because if you really cared then more of you should have voted. But, if you don’t like this one either then I will go back to the old theme. You can’t blame me for trying.

My little life is going well. S is having an ‘adjustment period’ with the new nanny (that is what I choose to call his recent behavior). He misses Anne. Apparently the new nanny “doesn’t understand” him and doesn’t know “the system”. I didn’t realize there was a system!

Change is tough.Hell, I miss Anne. But I always explain to the kids that nannies are never here forever, neither are teachers. Only family is. That doesn’t mean we can’t stay in touch with them. I asked S to think about the things in “the system” that NN (New Nanny) Doesn’t know and we can fill her in on them.

J Is having no problem adjusting (thank God) but she is resilient that way. She has been in her “own” room for a couple of nights, not sharing with S, and has LOVED it. When I tucked her in last night she was giving me instructions on which light to keep on and how to leave the bathroom door slightly open with the lights on inside so she can find it if she needs to go in the night and as I walked out she said “Close the door mama, I’ll try to see if it’s ok sleeping with the door closed tonight. I think it will be ok” And it was!

J’s school is over on Saturday with her school show on sunday. S finished about 12 days after… What oh what will J do with 12 days of no school before S is also free? Must organize activities!

Going to another wedding tonight. Mashallah it has been a wedding marathon! But better to be busy with happy events than other things I guess. True my hair has gone brittle from all the styling and my eye lashes are falling off from all the damn makeup but that’s the price we pay for looking fake and shiny. Every vote counts!

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