Mama Antoinette

The Ecoli outbreak has been on the news every where these days and is starting to really scare me. So I decided to read up on it and found that being scared was the logical thing to do.

If you want proper facts about the bacteria then got to Reuters Factbox site. If you want my facts, based on stuff I heard and stuff I read and stuff I think is true as far as I can remember then stay right here.

Ecoli is yucky. You basically have constant diarrhea for a few days then bloody diarrhea for a few days accompanied all the while with excruciating stomach pain and fever. and then usually it goes away. If you’re unlucky all that yuckiness i followed by kidney trouble and sometimes kidney failure! But the strain that is circulating in Europe is a rare one and seems to be more difficult to shift. Why? some say it’s because of the massive amounts of antibiotics that are fed into the cattle.

As far as i have seen on the news, the outbreak is in Europe. So I went a head and ordered a carpaccio and steak (medium) with a green salad on the side (Delivery of course since I am not allowed to go out). When it finally arrived and I was just about to take a bite I got a message saying there is a case in Qatar (Country on the eastern province of Saudi Arabia that might as well be in Saudi Arabia since the two countries are so close in proximity).

Of course the truth behind this message is questionable. I didn’t read the local newspapers today but I did watch the news and saw nothing on it about an Ecoli outbreak in the region. And then I though, hold on! Are we not supposed to only use local meat from animals that were slaughtered in the Islamic way? Do restaurants in Saudi import their meet from Europe? From Germany even? I have no idea! Don’t we have the strictest importation laws?

I so wished someone could have answered those questions for me because I was really looking forward to that carpaccio! I said “Bismillah” and ate the steak but left the carpaccio and the salad untouched. Yucky images of yucky stuff still stuck in my head.

One of my friends called me up just then and I told her my dilemma. “you know you shouldn’t really eat sushi either” WHAT! Damn it! No raw meat no salad no sushi! I might as well be pregnant!

The best reaction to all of this was my mothers. Upon receiving the message that I forwarded to her about the outbreak reaching our neck of the wood she replied back “Eat dry biscuits with tea until they find a solution!!” Who “they” are and why dry biscuits as opposed to a million other things is beyond me. I miss my mama.

This is day 4 of not leaving the house because of a virus when I feel perfectly healthy thank you very much but the fear of giving someone HFMD is keeping me put till I am certain I am virus free. I am very bored, my eyes hurt from staring at the computer all day. Baby B and I have nothing more to say to each other and are frankly sick of each other at this point. S and J forgot how I look and have been sleeping at 10 and eating junk (I assume since all goes to hell when I am out of the picture (delusions of how the world is falling apart without me might be part of the symptoms I am not sure. I’m sure if the world hasn’t ended it has at least died a little bit in some remote part of the empty quarter))


  1. Yes the world has ended without you around. You’d better get through quarantine so that you can come and save us all. :)

  2. Ditto to what Karyn said! And, I hope you and baby are out and about soon!

    (Love the WMB buttons!)

    Jen :)

    • lol thank you :-) Tomorrow I will be set free and order will be restored (5 year olds hair has not been brushed for days as everyone is afraid to go near it)

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