Yep… So…

So… New beginning, new start, new day, new school term (new school all together in fact) new house (not the one we were renovating) new city all together (how’s that for spontaneity). It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me. And I’m feeling quite knackered to tell you the truth! I am writing this on my mobile in bed at 1 am on the weekend because I know if I don’t start somewhere I won’t start at all.

Now before I tell you where I am and why I am here let me just say this. There are many valid reasons I haven’t updated in such a long time. It is not for lack of material belive me my kids have been on form and spewing jewels that I have saved in my memory (that resembles a sieve) and will try to patch it all together for you.

The reason I haven’t updated is because the last few months have been filled with sadness and loss and I have not been able to reconcile blogging about life as if nothing has changed and it just goes on. But now I realise that life keeps getting worse and keeps getting better simultaneously. That I cannot possibly sit here and wait for a break. It’s not going to come because I am blessed with so many people whom I love and who love me back with such force that my life is bound to be filled with joy at having them and sadness at loosing them. And finally for all we know I could be the first to go and if I do I’ll fill someones life with sadness… But then they have to go on as we all do. This is how life is and has been and me going on strike will not change it.

Back to where we are now. My lovely little family and I are in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. We have moved here for the next few months and now the only draw back to being here is not having my whole family around me. Otherwise… It’s a little break from reality. We have the beach and the sea and the quiet. Some people think it’s too quiet here I think there’s no such thing. Now I wouldn’t do well ‘on a mountain somewhere with no internet or satellite TV’ quiet. But I am doing well in the ‘no parties, no obligations, no expectations’ quiet.

If I don’t start updating regularly now I give you all permission to give me a virtual slap. Now I must go and do nothing for a while. Sorry, it can’t wait.


    • Thank you. I missed the blogging world! Hope the tranquility doesn’t get to me but I imagine I might not have time to get bored of it. More about that in later entries;)

  1. Slmz-and welcome back,we missed you!! Did you come to South Africa after Ramadhaan as you had planned before? If yes,then how was your stay here?

    • Salam! Thank you :-) no I never did go. Besides if I was going I’d be sure to tell you and get an insiders scoop on where to go and what to do. Hopefully in the near future sometime.

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