My son’s current favourite song:

Should I be worried?

I used to watch wrestling when I was his age. In fact I remember my sister and I using the intercom on our phone one day that lets you talk on speaker on all the house phones. We used it to say to my brother ” COME QUICK THE WRESTLING MATCH IS GOING TO START” then followed that by lots of shouting and grunting like big bad wrestlers. My father, unknown to us, was in a meeting and was not at all amused by the shouting voices of his daughters over the speaker phone in his office.

It’s a very appropriate song for me today. I woke up to the sound of my daughter having a tantrum right outside my room that went on for ages and continues to go on. With punishment after punishment I am trying NOT to ground her from the BBQ we are going to have this evening.

Punishments so far:
1-I get to choose what she wears today and she has no say (yes this is torture for her. She is dressed all in grey like an inmate now)
2-She doesn’t get to play on her I pad or listen to her music
3-She’s not allowed any gum today (she was chewing gum and I made her spit it out)
4-She can’t have any sweets, chocolates, or dessert (which weren’t on the menu till I decided to punish her because I was running out of things to take from her and am dangerously close to having no choice but grounding her from the BBQ) . just sent them out for sugary good stuff.

“I must confess that I feel like a monster” 

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