Coughs, Kidneys and Ultrasounds

So, I’m sick. I have a sore throat and a stupid cough. coughs are the worst thing, worse than a fever or a blocked nose because they are constant, they keep you up at night and bother everyone else around you. Add to that the fact that I am pregnant and cannot take any REAL medication and you have a grumpy little woman. (not so little at 22 weeks of pregnancy, but you know what I mean).

I think I got sick because I basically didn’t sleep the last four days. We went to Riyadh and visiting Riyadh has become somewhat of a nightmare. I don’t know how my sister does it, she lives here permanently and does this every few weeks. When I get to Riyadh I am on the go from 10 am till past midnight. Because we have to cram so much into such a small space of time.

One of the many things I had to do this weekend was have an ultra sound. I ended up having two. I arrived for my appointment 5 minutes early and was left waiting 30 minutes, which annoys the hell out of me. I know things happen, people are unavoidably late, but what annoys me is when they don’t apologize or don’t send someone to me in the waiting room to say “So sorry, the technician is running a bit late but she will come as soon as possible.” It took 10 minutes to find a receptionist then another 20 minutes till the technician showed up.

I was sitting in the waiting room and she stuck her head in and called my name. I said “yes?” then she walked off and called to me after walking away “Come!” so I ignored her. Then again, from down the hall “COME!” Which I ignored again. Then I heard her footsteps stomping back to the waiting room and she stuck her head in and said “I tell you come!” So I said “If you were looking at me or in the same room when you were talking to me I would have know you were talking to me!”.

Now in all honesty, at this point I thought she was the nurse, not the ultrasound technician and when I did realize who she was I was trying to be much nicer cause I wanted to see unimportant stuff like the baby’s face or get pictures of his little toes. Regardless it didn’t work.

My OB/GYN is obsessive. He spends ages mulling over the ultrasound pictures and takes 50 measurements of the femur and explains every single mundane detail more to himself than to the patient. I like that. I am used to it, it is what I have known for my last 3 pregnancies. This woman did the ultrasound in 10 minutes, took a maximum of two measurements of anything and didn’t say a word to me the whole way through.

I went to see my Dr after so he could tell me if everything was ok. According to this woman’s pictures the babies kidneys were seriously enlarged and he, in general, was way too small. Also I hardly had any amniotic fluid. So, my Dr. being the obsessive he is, had me come in the next day for him to scan me. All was fine, baby was a little on the small side but so were my two elder ones and everything else was perfect. I didn’t get a good picture of the face as my Dr. is not the kind who would take time to do that unfortunately.

I am thinking of doing a 3D ultrasound. Has anyone had it done? At what stage of pregnancy? 


  1. Salamaat! I hate coughs too, and during pregnancy I have to say coughs and sneezes are not pleasant! Great news about the baby Alhamdulillah :) 3D, well I had mixed feelings about it ,, I loved seeing what my baby was exactly doing at that time and hearing the sounds and all ,, BUT I did not like the way a 3D shows a baby ,, to me it was just too weird and a little uncomfortable! I was about 28 weeks I think. I’m not putting you off LOL ,, I think it’s because she was my first baby and everything freaked me out then :D good luck

  2. Coughing is the body’s way of removing foreign material or mucus from the lungs and upper airway passages camera or of reacting to an irritated airway. Coughs have distinctive traits you can learn to recognize. A cough is only a symptom, not a disease, and often the importance of your cough can be determined only when other symptoms are evaluated.,

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