“Happy Birthday 2012! Your Sibling Was A Nasty Little Of S*%$£!” *

*The quote is from my cousin A.T.A. who will bite my head off if I did not quote him.

Happy new year everyone!

Any resolutions?

One comment

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you.. errr… your cousin!!! The only good thing that came out of that crappy year was my baby 3boodi.. other then that I wish I could erase it all.. lol.. il7amdlilah 3la kl 7ala… I do hope this year is a better one! The last year I have seen myself lose hope, lose faith in many things…. it has seen me sick, it has seen me lower then I have ever seen myself.. and I pray that this year is a better one in many ways! I want to see the positive… I want to give myself happiness… even in a place where its kind of hard… anyhoo… my resolution this year… is just to be happier… to see the good in things.. and hopefully that will work its way into my life… and remain there enshallah!

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