Things I Cannot Believe Came Out of My Mouth

  • If you don’t stop bothering me you’re both grounded.
  • I will make him turn the car around and take us home
  • I am not a bin
  • it’s ‘why DID You hit me’ not ‘why you hitted me’ (Shouted at S and J from the comfort of the couch while watching TV as they proceeded to kill each other)
  • Don’t make me take all the spoons away! NO MORE SPOONS IN THIS HOUSE!
  • Only one more wish each! No more wishing! (Said in Hong Kong beside a “wishing tree”. What! They were taking too long!)
  • YA GAAAAJAS! (translation: you’re gorgeous. That was the phrase that came out of my mouth the first 6 months of B’s little life. Exactly pronounced like that)
  • Is your name Mosa? Do I look like Mosa’s mother? No I didn’t think so. So don’t say “but Mosa does”
  • If you hit her one more time I will hit you! We do not hit in this family! (Totally idiotic.)

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