Last Day…

I have such mixed feeling about leaving tomorrow from the Eastern province back to Riyadh for good. So I thought I’d share some pictures I took on my trusty hipstamatic while we were here.

The day we woke to find hundreds of birds floating in the sea. The picture was taken a little too late as I was too busy watching them and the 5 dolphins that came to play with them but I love it non the less:

J getting all dressed up to play in the dirt! She was getting the last few wears out of the tutu  her sudden growth spurt (mashallah) was not welcomed by the many clothes I bought her in the summer that (mashallah) no longer fit her.

S reading J and B a story <3


Two little stingrays on the shore. Behind the lens is moi telling J no, she cannot try to catch one.


Kids laying flat on the sand, fully clothed, doing nothing. This happens often lately.

Sunset from my favorite spot.

Goodbye peace and quiet…

Riyadh… Here we come!


  1. I don t know Ryad, I just heard about it, I am in Jeddah, I think not the same, wait to read you and happy for you.

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