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So I don’t know what happened but it’s 5 months later and here I am.

The recap:

1) I gave birth on the 4th of April in Riyadh 40 minutes after my sister gave birth in London and on the day that happened to be my doctor’s birthday!

2) I confirmed to myself that the saying “having 1 child is like having 2 children is like having 3 children” is like total BS!

3) Found a new meaning to the world “multitasking” and became an expert at breast-feeding anywhere you can imagine without people actually knowing I’m breast-feeding thank s to Bebe Au Lait.

4) Continued unpacking and settling into the new house.

5) Changed summer plans about 5 times in as many days.

6) Traveled for the summer. Came back one nanny missing (yes the nanny saga continues. There was part 1 and 2 and 3 and now look forward to part 4 coming soon).

7) Decided I don’t need any nannies! It’s all just too much!!

8) Snapped out of that moment of insanity after really contemplating what not having any nannies with 4 kids (2 of which were in diapers) really means.

9) Got kid number 3 out of diapers! and into school!

10) Started getting into something that resembles a normal routine after the jet lag of Ramadan (Sleeping till noon and staying up till morning). Suddenly want to write and want to get things for the house and get fit and lose weight and feel normal! YAY! I’m back!


  1. You have been missed! Life is a happy but hectic mess of work and vacations (and just trying to fight the London cold which has arrived early this year) but I missed the little insights from the world of Mama B. Waiting to hear more (lots more) from you soon.

  2. Loved every witty little comment you wrote, found your blog to be very YOU!! can I mention that my baby L was born on the same day as special K!!!!!
    as for your birth story, Priceless!!!! loved it. I must find two minutes in my ridiculous schedule to write again, you have inspired me, I used to write loads, and miss the quit moments I had before I was a screaming mother of three when I would sit in my kitchen in England and listen to the rain on my window, put pen to paper and just let the words flow …… snif snif

    I shall, for the time being, live vicariously through your blog. :-)

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