Mecca Mummy! Welcome to my world!

Dear Ya Maamaa followers I would like to direct your attention to my good friends blog Mecca Mummy. I met (or re-met as we once went to the same school) Mecca Mummy (or R) about 6 months ago and was pleasantly surprised to have made a new friend! As you’ll read in her first post she was as well. We both thought we were past the friend making stage of our lives! We instantly hit it off and fell into conversations old friends would have. Maybe we were in another life. We were certainly in the same place in our lives when we met as she and I were at the same stage of pregnancy. In fact we gave birth on the same day so if that doesn’t tell you we were destined to be friends I don’t know what will. Our kids will also be friends (this is not a choice or an option. It’s never a choice when I am friends with the mother and our kids are the same age!).

Anyway, I highly recommend this blog for two reasons, the first being R is absolutely fantastic and a pleasure to talk and listen to and secondly because she called me thin and elegant in her post and who doesn’t love a complement! Enjoy the blog, subscribe to it. I guarantee you will enjoy it!

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