Hello Canada!

Dear Canada,

I hope you are well. I have noticed that for one reason or another there has been a huge spike in views from your lovely people! And I am not entirely sure why this has happened! I am of course not complaining but felt that since you have been the highest ranking country to visit my little blog for the past 4 days it is only polite of me to say HELLO! and WELCOME!

It’s 3.04 am here and I have been in bed for the past 3.04 hours trying to go to sleep. I have done everything I could think of to fall asleep and it hasn’t worked so I am sitting at my dressing table typing on my Ipad. If you have ever tried to type anything on an I pad that is longer that 3 words you will know this is no small feat! But I cheat because I use an external keyboard thingy which is amazing.

So, all my 4 monkeys are in bed. The house is quiet. My husband is fast asleep and I am craving nutella. Which is thankfully down stairs and I am too lazy and cold to go all the way down and get it.

instead I will list all the things I have to do in the next 5 days before we go away for the winter break so that maybe I can get some sleep!

Find my ski clothes. Pack the children’s bags. Pack my own bags. Buy scented oil for my scented oil thingies. See my grandmother as much as possible. See my father as much as possible. Meet the lawyer to get things done for a project I am working on. Go to PTA meeting. Go to other school meeting. Go to look for a desk for my soon to be office here in the house. Try again to find some decent lighting for the  guest bathroom. finalise the last details of the trip (doing this tomorrow!)
So, Hello Canada! Wether it be a forward, a tweet or just word of mouth that has drove you to me (hopefully it’s a good things that brought you my way) I am happy you are here. Stay a while.
Mama B


  1. I, for one, enjoy your writing! Brings a smile to my heart! As “a” Canadian, you are welcome! But really, just keep doing what you are doing!

  2. Dear B, you know how much I love you, but I cannot contain my self, I must speak, PRIORITISE!!!! sod the guest bathroom lighting, its waited this long, it can wait a few more weeks, see your grandmother and father, go to the school meeting, I would even say the desk can wait till you come back. I say all of this so that you have more time with your family, and maybe somewhere in that mayhem that is your list of things to do I can make it onto the list lol.

    see you sometime this week :-)

    ps hello Canada!!

    • LOL I started packing today and made an appointment with the lawyer. Didn’t see my father of my grandmother! Trying to get my sleep back on track after the weddings the past couple of weeks and in time for skiing!! And yes of course I will see you during this time! Tell me when you’re free!

  3. Love the way you write :)
    happy, happy happy feeling is what it arouses in me…

    Have a safe and lovely trip but do not stop blogging while you get ready and while you are there ….

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