My Vacas*

Ouch… ouch ouch. My shoulders, arms, legs, calves. Oh my calves.

First day of skiing was brilliant. I fell down twice. And both times I was standing still so not sure how exactly that happened. But I was confident and enjoying it. It was not too cold and it only snowed lightly.

Second day of skiing was a different story. I ended up going for the morning ski on my own because M wasn’t feeling well. It snowed non stop and the lovely powdery ski slopes were horrible. I don’t get why people like them! It’s so much easier to ski on relatively compressed snow than the soft stuff that seems to have fingers that grab hold of one of my ski’s ever so often. SO I would be happily skiing down the slope, zig zagging right and left and on a turn my right ski would do what it’s supposed to but I swear something would grab my left ski and not let it turn. Resulting in me doing the splits half way down the mountain, with ski’s still on.

The snow wasn’t so bad to begin with. It was the fat kind that blobs on your face then melts as opposed to the tiny kind that stings your cheeks. The tiny kind did make an appearance later in the day though.

We all met for lunch somewhere that S and J could ski to and B, with nanny, could drive to. S and J are loving it! I am so happy they are so excited about it. They are meant to be using poles today. Tomorrow we will ski together hopefully for a while after lunch.

After lunch we continued to ski and decided to take a scenic, longer, route back to the town. This was Ā terrible idea as the stingy snow made an appearance and M’s goggles kept fogging up so we had to snowplow, tumble, fall and slide down to town slowly. Not much fun.

Day three of skiing is not a skiing day. My left leg hurts. Not majorly but if I don’t give it a rest I’ll regret it. Also looking out the window it looks like a stinging snow day and it’s meant to be snowing all day. So B and I are sitting in the chalet. He’s listening to Hokey Pokey and dancing. I’m writing this entry and thinking of having another croissant! Visibility is not so great outside so not too bothered about missing skiing today. Hope M’s enjoying it!

Kids ran out the door with the instructor excited about the prospect of using the “sticks”. I haven’t had a crepe since arriving!!! HOW can I not have! I must go get one now!

* When I was in France last year I ordered a cappuccino at a hair dressers in what sounded like perfect french. So a lady there started talking to me in french. I decided not to explain to her that my french is rusty at best so went on with this conversation. So she asked me what I was doing in France. I said “Vacas” she looked at me confused and said “qoui?” and I said again with all the confidence of the world “Vacas!” then she said “aaaaaah, Vacance!”. My mother would have had a heart attack!


  1. I read this on my blackberry at work, drowned in paper work for a report due on Friday. I need a vacas! Albeit some where warm and sunny.
    How is Baby K managing with out you?

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