Taking It For Granted

Yesterday we witnessed history being made! King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz appointed 30 women to the Saudi Parliament which was previously all male. They now represent 20% of the 150 members. This is a huge step for women in Saudi and although some choose to ignore how big it is let me tell you it’s big.

Something occurred to me yesterday while I was watching my daughter riding. I thought when she grows up it will be totally possible for her to be part of the olympic riding team (keep in mind this is like her 3rd lesson). What I’m saying is she will be a young woman who is used to seeing women have major roles in government. Who will go out and get her drivers license and drive herself to the stables (because she’s a world class jumper in my day dream). She will be making her life decisions without the need of signatures or permissions. She will have all this normalcy in her life and when I tell her about how it was when I was her age she will say “Oh my God Mama I can’t believe you lived that way!”. She will take it all for granted like she is supposed to.

You may think this is wishful thinking but if you are a Saudi think of the women who are around you and tell me something; do you truly think that these women won’t use this opportunity to address all the ridiculousness that suppresses our daily lives and change them? Do you think there is any going back from here? Do you think those 30 highly educated women, who are world leaders in their fields, who have been able to do so much for their country WITH all the restrictions imposed on them, do you think they won’t move mountains? I have had the opportunity to know some of them and let me tell you we are so lucky to have them represent us

We will be attacked and they will try to belittle us and ignore us and simplify our role but the men have got to hold on to their tagiya’s because now you have 30 women who will never miss a meeting, will be on time, will be prepared, will be outspoken, and will challenge you at every corner. Yallah, let’s show you what the women can do!


  1. Believe me! Men here in Saudi know how powerful and strong Saudi woman can be. They know that they are better than them. And they think by putting all these restrictions they are limiting their abilities just because they are afraid that when women get their freedom they will be better than them and will be leaders in their fields. I see that everywhere around me! Women are more organized, educated and ambitious than men. I feel so proud to be a saudi woman! And en sha alla i will teach my son that girls are equal to boys in everything as Islam rules say! And i really hope that he will one day see me as a role model! Alla y7fa’6ah <3

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