Did I Mention The Mention?

So… I got mentioned on Barakabits! Which leaves me all blushing and gushing and knowing I have to get off my bum and write something!

I have neglected this page, my 5th child really, and I do apologies!  My phone is filled with beginning and endings and sentences of what I want to write about next! Posts called “Please Censor Me” to “What If I Broke My Leg?” to “I Didn’t Think This Through” to long rants of updates on my 4 little monkeys and of course as usual rants about school and child care. Did I mention I got mentioned on Barakabits? My new favourite obsession.

Must live up to the mention so I’m getting my act together and writing something! Right after I shower and scan in the papers I was meant to scan in last night and figure out where we can buy guinea pig food and one of those big wheel things for them to run around in (refer to the “I Didn’t Think This Through” post I will eventually write) and unpack the beautiful big Amazon box that just arrived and etc… etc…etc.

Did I mention I got mentioned in Barakabits? Here is what they said:

“Ya Maamaa is such a popular website on Saudi-style parenting: She is authentic. You will adore the rhythms of her writing, and fall in love with her kids.”



  1. Yes, I miss your posts. Remember when I met you and was shocked this was your site? Only bc of all the knowledge you portray on here I thought you were an older wise lady mashAllah, but so young and so awesome.

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