Whats New On Ya Mama

Well first of all the logo! I’m totally in love with it. It was designed by Alex from Artini Bar. She was incredibly patient with my one hundred and one indecisions until we ended up with the beauty you see above.

I’m trying to figure out the direction I want to take my blog in. A year and a half ago- when I was blogging often, there wasn’t much out there (that I knew of) in the way of Saudi parenting blogs. There still isn’t but there’s are plenty of Saudi Super Moms  on Instagram and twitter. Great examples of positive, high energy mom’s with various degrees and experiences giving fantastic advice in a very attractive and interesting way. Some examples of which are @BasmaElkhereiji, @mamasumaya, @doingitwithluv and countless others. They are active and eloquent.

You may be wondering why this matters to me or my blog. And that was exactly what I was asking myself. I went through a period of feeling like I needed to reformat in order to be more polished and make sure every thing coming out of here was useful, relevant and pretty looking. That required a great deal of organisation of thoughts and materials. It needed a lot of time and effort put into finding the right products, pieces of advice, or images then making sure that I write about them in an eloquent way with no grammar or spelling mistakes. In short it requires far more thought than I have time to think. It is also very difficult being polished and giving the best image of myself when I have a whole blog full of what my real self is. So I couldn’t go away and come back all put together. You know me too well.

I scratched that idea and decided to go back to being Mama B and following the above mentioned super moms like the rest of us while giving out sometimes useful information but mostly just writing for the love of writing and hopefully connecting with other mothers again.

Having said that I do useful stuff. I know useful stuff. It may not be as polished or pretty as the other stuff but it’s stuff and it’s useful. So I will make more of an effort to share these little gems when they happen and try and share them in a detailed organised way.

My top menu looks like this now:

About: pretty self explanatory. It also has my vocab page where I save all the fantastic things my children say.

Tinker time: This is there for two reasons. I have done a lot of fun and messy things with the kids, and many they have done all on their own. It’s so simple to have a lot of creative fun without a lot of planning so I wanted this to be a place where I shared all the things my kids and I have made, broken, experimented with and ruined over the years. The second reason is notice the tense in the following sentence “I have done a lot of fun and messy things with the kids” So I would like that to change to “I do a lot of….”. So this menu button is there to silently shame me into getting back into the mess with them.

Truth be told… This is where all my blog post go.

A Good Read: Book reviews and recommendations.

Lazy Page: Still the same as it used to be. Its where I list the most popular (and sometimes just my favourite) blog posts.

So that’s it. The new line up. I was thinking of having another one called ‘Cheat Sheet’ which lists parenting advice but I am in the middle of re-evaluating my own parenting style. I am in the 6th week of a 6 month parent coaching course which has been a real eye opener for me (more on that in upcoming posts) So we will see where that takes me!

It’s so good to be back!


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