‘Wh0 Wants A Mommy With A Moustache?’ A must read for new mothers


A few weeks ago I received and email asking me to feature a new humour book for moms called ‘Who Wants A Mommy With A Moustache’. Obviously the title intrigued me.

Attached to the email were a few of the pages of this bilingual, pocket sized books aimed at new mothers. It’s hilarious! Written in rhyme, and with lovely illustrations, it depicts every new mothers struggle to do the routine daily tasks she used to do easily before becoming a mother. Tasks such as washing hair, replying to emails and yes. threading moustaches!

I immediately wanted to know who was behind this book because if ever there was a book to gift a new mother (and possibly older siblings when new baby comes as a laugh) then this was it! Maybe even a baby shower gift to mentally prepare the unwitting mother to life with baby!


The book is written by new moms from Lebanon,  Dalia Menhall Mirza (the writer) and Maya Majdalani  (the illustrator*). They became fast friends while working at the same advertising agency and ended up both becoming first time moms in November 2013! This book is genius because as a mother I flipped through every page thinking “OMG YES EXACTLY!” while in fits of giggles. It’s a definite page turner and conversation piece with a brilliant surprise ending which had me in fits.


This is going to be my favourite go to baby shower gift from now on!

You can buy this book Here and Here.

*I think I am a little obsessed with her illustrations! I want to write a childrens book only for her to illustrate it for me!

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