An Exploration With Johnson And Johnson (Part Two)

Taste Test


Since the children were excited about the activities we decided to do a few more that day! The next was the tasting test! B volunteered to be the taster (insisted is more like it) so we went to work setting up the tasting options. Here is what we ended up with…


It ended up looking a lot like an elegant cheese platter but its the best we could do with the time we had! We had cheese, apples, pears, dried prunes, dried apricots, crackers, syrup, vinegar and what I thought was turmeric (hint, this didn’t end well).


We used the blindfolds provided in the activity box Johnson and Johnson sent and the white board thing (who’s name still escapes me). B had a tactic (as you can see in the video) of touching all the things all over before with his fingers then shoving it in his mouth.

He sniffed and touched and gulped it down guessing everything correctly except for the prunes which he loved. Those were slipped in by his nanny because he is always adamant he doesn’t like prunes… This may be worth exploring as a tactic to get your kids to try thing they are afraid to (as long as it doesn’t end up like the ‘turmeric’ incident, read on).

He wiped the tray clean so S, his big brother, poured out some olive oil onto a spoon and let him taste and B said “Olive oil!”. Next was the vinegar which he got again then came the turmeric. S put the tip of the spoon in it and looked at me as if asking is this ok. I mouthed “a little less” so he shook some off. B was sitting with his mouth open waiting. S put the spoon in his mouth and said “flour?” then he said “hot”. I looked at S and said “is that chilli powder?!” to which he said “yes… What else would it be?”.

Side note, S is not mean. He’s not even particularly cheeky and certainly doesn’t think other peoples pain or discomfort is funny. He simply thought I knew what it was and that I had agreed it was ok when he brought it in and held it up to me and I nodded… thinking it was TURMERIC!

So I did what ever responsible rational mother would do in situations like that.. I said “WHY WOULD YOU GIVE HIM CHILLI POWDER?!” While stuffing bread and laban into b’s mouth.”I DON’T KNOW… YOU SAID YES!”. He genuinely looked upset that B was upset and obviously that I was freaking out. The next thing that happened was, naturally, S got defensive, B got upset and cried and Me got irrational and immature. If you’re wondering what that looked like:

S: “It’s not that hot anyway… He’s over reacting”

B: It’s Hot! (cries louder)

Me: If its not that hot then you have some!

S: I will.. (dips spoon into chilli powder and put it in his mouth)


S: it fine… (eyes watering)

Me (thinking this is not one of my shining parenting moments) start stuffing bread and laban down S’s mouth.

B is appeased.

We have since played the taste test game a few times, B still loves it although is not as trusting anymore and takes a taste before putting the whole thing in his mouth. I choose to believe that he learned a life lesson from this and it was worth it.

We’ve been using the Johnson products consistently so far and the kids have not had any reactions to it (when your kids have eczema this is the first point you look for). And it’s good to have something gentle and antibacterial for them to use.

Coming up in the next post, it’s treasure hunt time!

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I have not been paid to review the Pure Protect line only asked to try it out and write about it if I liked it, which I do. For more information on the product and more activities check out my last post!

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