3.5 Months And Now What?

Today all restrictions on movement in the country and on businesses opening have been lifted. With safety conditions that everyone has to follow of course. And it’s all been very strange.

Cinemas and gyms and hair salons have opened. Restaurants, coffee shops, everyone is headed back to their offices in drips and drops. No one is in any huge rush to go back to working at an office it seems.

Things I have learned in the last 3.5 months:

1- We need information to feel safe

2- When information is lacking we seek it out anywhere we can get it. Some are more discriminating with their sources of information but a surprising number will go with what a WhatsApp forward says and be satisfied

3- We very rarely verify the source of the information or go beyond the headline

4- Once we have decided our position, anyone who isn’t supporting it gets on our nerves. This is because they question the security we have created by arming ourselves with information. (And often also it is because we bothered to read past the headline and they’re spewing wrong information) judgey I know. But that’s the point of having a blog no? Loool

5- What ever position you have on whatever subject in the world you will find someone who disagrees with you. And if you can’t find them I promise you in this age of social media just express this position and they will seek you out

6- Humans can be terrible to each other in many ways. And the other humans who are ‘helping’ the victims are often terrible in their own right… everyone is pushing their agenda

7- People are resilient and innovative! So many new businesses or adaptations of old businesses have popped up its dizzying!

8- Too much information is as bad as lack of it

How am I feeling about things opening up? Apprehensive. I think that’s the General feeling all around me. From the people having brunches to the ones who haven’t seen a soul in over 3 months.

I am waiting and watching. And telling my children to wait and watch. Maybe I’m the crazy bunker lady who is sitting underground when the world has moved on but I’m ok with that. I’d rather be crazy then be ill or worse get someone ill.

This is the point where people start saying “but you can’t be 100% secure! You might get ill anyway!”. I know.

I’m the person who keeps her seatbelt on while seated in a plane because even tho it’s unlikely, I feel more secure. And if we get insane turbulence that makes people fly out of their seats I know I won’t regret wearing the belt. And if we don’t then amazing,

And if we get insane turbulence and my belt flies open well then at least I tried to keep myself safe.

I wore my belt. I didn’t hurt anyone by wearing it. I didn’t shame anyone for not wearing it. I did’t force anyone to wear it or give a speech about my opinions on wearing it or why I think they’re wrong to wear it.

If you told me I might catch a cold from someone I would keep my distance from them. No one has every wanted to get sick. Not sure why people not wanting to is confusing to others.

What do I think will happen? God knows. There are too many variables. I’d like to think the numbers will go down and people will stays safe. I’m hoping that’s the General trend as it seems to be. I kind of wish I hadn’t read up on past epidemics.

The one thing I can tell you for sure is no one knows anything for sure. So my choice is to sit and wait. To sit with my mangled nails and hair in desperate need of a color. To sit missing my friends and family. To sit and wait just a few more weeks.

What does lifting restrictions mean to you? Party! or who said I was seeing anyone?

What are you thinking?

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