Let’s try this again shall we…

So I started this blog September 2010 because I love writing and had some free time. If you follow the blog you would see that the decline in posts coincided with the establishment of my little children’s center and then continued to dwindle as we grew from a family of 3 children to one of 5 (alhamdulilah, must update my bio).

As time became limited I started posting on Instagram and Facebook, because really a sentence or two (or sometimes no sentences at all) were more than enough to get by. One thing social media has taught me is I do not have the energy or will to really do as the proper social media personalities do and document with beautifully taken pictures and well thought out words the little bits of my life that may be interesting to others. Also I feel a little uncomfortable sharing as much as I used to (which wasn’t much).

What is the point of all that blabber? Well, I still feel like this could be fun for me and useful to you possibly if I start to share again my parenting experiences and especially since I have done the baby thing over, I am brushed up on what products and methods have worked for me now on baby number 5. 

Work has settled, school is starting for 4 of my kids and I have help at home. So I really have no excuse not to update this blog more regularly. 

What can I say… I just can’t let it go ❤️ 

Upcoming posts:

  • C-section after 4 vaginal births (what I wish I would have known) 
  • Mama B’s recommended breastfeeding resources and products.
  • Going back to school (oh what fresh hell is this) 
  • On being a parenting coach (or None of us are perfect and that’s the whole point)
  • Games to play with your children that don’t involve you having to move (I’ve had 14 years of practice).

Anything else you’re interested in? I’ll research it and stitch the bits together for you in a relatively coherent and likely funny little post on this funny little blog. 

*wrote this post while breastfeeding my 2.5 month old, watching a virtual egg hatch in my 5 year olds dragon game and playing old maid with my 7 year old. I’m either multitasking like a boss or doing all the above really badly. Let’s say it’s the former. 


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