Last day of Ramadan, first day of blogging.

It is the last day of Ramadan and I have been trying for the last week to get the kids to sleep earlier so that we can join the human race in the coming weeks without being sleep deprived. It was worth a try. I do that sometimes, end up being a huge nag about something and make a big deal and lecture and huff and puff and blow the house down when in hindsight I realise it was really unnecessary. But it adds to the fun.

I wish I was one of those mothers that just let things be sometimes and everything falls into place. But, let’s be honest, if you know me you’d know this is impossible. (a nanny I once had told me I have a serious micro management problem) but the first step to healing is admitting the problem. And finding a healthy (somewhat narcissistic) outlet to share, vent and document my adventures.

So please enjoy and pray to God with me that the next time I hear the words “Ya Maamaa!” they are not followed by “she punched me in the tummy” or “I don’t want to shower!” or “WAAAAAAAAA”


  1. For God’s sake! You had to deal with the children? Time to get a new nanny, or even an extra one. Being a parent isnt something one does, it is a title. The real work is done by the nice ladies from Indonesia or Malaysia.

    • Salam TDH, I see you took the time to go through all of my entries and comment on some :) sorry I had to delete a couple since they had name calling. I thought of deleting these because obviously you don’t know me or my life so it make your comment baseless or just based on your own experience but since they do not have anything rude or insulting to me I left it either way. Hope you keep visiting! I was told a little controversy would raise the traffic to my site!
      Mama Bee

      • Also just for future reference TDH cause you point has some validity, if you really want to discuss the problem in a productive way you could have stated your comment differently without it having to be an attack and we could have discussed it. So for example TDH, if you had said “don’t you feel that the lifestyle of employing domestic staff has effectively killed the traditional family here in Saudi” We could have discussed it. but thank you:) you gave me my next blog entry!

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