On a lighter note…

A conversation between S and J that started when J threw a paper napkin on the floor during lunch.

S:it’s Haram* to throw that J.
J: No it’s not! it’s not food!
S: it doesn’t matter, it’s still Haram!!
J: Don’t be silly! It’s not food so its ok.
S: It’s Haram! That paper napkin came from trees, and you are wasting it and when you waste it they will cut down more trees and then there won’t be any forests! Then all the cheetahs and the tigers will have no where to hide if there is a fire and they will have to jump in the river and they will drown. And then all of the cheetahs will die J….
J: Cheeta’s can swim.
S:No they can’t!
J:Yes, they can, I saw them on TV.
*against Islamic teachings


    • Hello Yasser, he was born arguing! Mashallah he doesn’t get tired of making his case… Lawyer? Professor? Lol thanks for your comment:) keep visiting.

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    • Hello, Thank you :-) happy you found me! The theme is one or WordPress’s themes. If you have a blog using wordpress they are available there. I think you can buy themes online as well. I am not sure how or where, I am relatively new to this as well.

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