Stuff to keep them busy.

Because I have often found myself looking around my living room and seeing people of various ages staring at screens of different sizes all in an electronic coma (myself included) I have had to come up with answers to the question “what else can we do?” that do not involve me doing stuff I get no joy from. (e.g. playing big sister little sister with my 4-year-old). Admittedly, I have not invented these activities but have adapted some of them to make them simpler.

One of my favourite activities (simple, keeps them busy for ages, minimal work on my side) is a scavenger hunt.

What you need:
-1 Plane A4 paper for each person playing. (can’t be bothered? Anything you can write on is fine)
-1 pencil/pen/crayon for each person playing
-A basic idea of what stuff you have in and around your house (or if the goal is to keep them busy for ages while you get what ever you need to done, add an item that does not exists. I have never done that, and I do not condone it in any way… poor children)

Fold the paper in half and on the outside write the initial of the children.

On the inside write a list of different things they can find around the house.  I usually put a few really simple ones so that they find them quick and easy and a few they have to work a bit harder to find.

For the younger ones who cannot read illustrate the list for them.

(Yes, my drawing abilities are that crude. And no, I cannot draw a bird. My bird looks like a plane)

If you have crayons it makes it much nicer but sometimes you just don’t have the time or the energy to make it look pretty. Trust me, they don’t care. I have played this game on plain paper, used paper, pieces of cardboard and a paper tissue once, it’s just as much fun every time. Although the paper tissue one didn’t work out so well.

After having spend a grand total of 5 minutes preparing this give it to the children and have them put a tick beside every item they find. If your kids are like mine and everything is a competition, and therefore a reason to fight, then set the rule that it doesn’t matter who finishes first.

Enjoy your little time out while they run around trying to find this stuff. Your welcome :-)

What do you do to keep them busy?


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