The Baby Manual

There is nothing more daunting in the world than having a tiny little baby totally dependent on you for everything. Humans are probably the only animals that are born completely helpless. And as I mentioned in one of my first posts there is nothing that makes you feel as utterly inadequate as a baby. You feel like it should be simpler! it should be instinctive! No? Other animals just know what to do! why can’t we?

I can write so many posts on all the insanity and tears that come with motherhood but instead, I am going to do something better. If you are a first time (or second, third fourth time) mother there is a book that I am positive will prove invaluable.

The book is ‘From Birth to Bliss’ by Raewyn McGrigor. This book is a proper baby manual. It comes from 15 years of hands on experience with new babies and mothers all over the world. It is not a book based on scientific research, it’s based on what works for real babies and mothers.

The book is precise, clear and full of only the most useful information. Raewyn talks about ‘the plan’ she has created to help mother and baby through the tough first weeks of parenthood.

I have read many (many) parenting books and I love this one because it really is practical and straight forward and makes so much sense! Some other books give you a plan that is a little idealistic and not really realistic leaving me frustrated and feeling like an idiot.

Raewyn asked me to include this message from her and I was more than happy to oblige:

Hello  friends ,

I know you will be pleased for me …My  book….’From Birth to Bliss’ was E Published on Valentines Day and how appropriate….considering it has been a labour of LOVE…. and a life’s work…..but this isn’t about me….

Any one even remotely interested in babies will understand what a great gift it will be for a new mum, mums to be, parents who need help….grandparents and anyone you love who has daughters who will mother themselves one day…yes Baby is a universal language and I am so proud that my manual ( guaranteed best start) is now available to the world at the touch of  a button…. E Publishing is amazing and means the book is also very affordable at just $9.99….

It’s a win win situation… you will be helping those you know and love…. and those you know need love….

I plan to donate $1.00 from each sale for the next month so please send this link to your friends or to those on your mailing list…Its a great way to help our brave souls in Christchurch who have enormous obstacles to overcome ……

Thanks for helping me do something when, like you, I have been feeling so helpless.
much love.


  1. Love the donation to Christchurch. In the likelihood that I’m the only Kiwi commenting, I’m going to say ‘thank-you’ on their behalf.

  2. […] him on Avocado. I used to start my first two babies off on baby rice but then after speaking with Raewyn McGrigor and doing some research of my own I realized that it didn’t make sense to start them off on […]

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