Stuff J Says About Death and Marriage

J: S said to me that if I don’t get married you will get older and older and then you will die and I will be alone. And I think about it before I sleep and it makes me sad.

Me: Do I look old?

J: Yes.

Me: stunned silence

J: You look older than me.

Me: Yes but I mean it takes a long long long long long long long time for people to get old enough to die. So don’t worry about that.

J: But if I get married you won’t die?

Me: J everything gets old but it takes a long long long long long time for them to get old. And everything dies in the end.

J: But I don’t want you to die.

Me: you know what happens after we die

J: We get alive again?

Me: Ummmmm… Yes, in heaven inshallah. And who ever goes first waits there for the others. (how well did I do with that question? Seriously?)

I later asked S about this and got the practical answer of : “She said she doesn’t want to get married so I told her that if she doesn’t, when you die no one will be in the house with her! That’s all.”

What are you thinking?

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