Black Eyes Birthdays and Twitter

Twitter sucks. It sucks your energy and any ounce of positiveness and niceness and fluffiness a person has and turns into gravel and mud and pumps it back into their veins. So I am not going on twitter for a while. I am abstaining from tweeting and will set Camden on any bird I see or hear within a kilometer of me! Assuming Camden doesn’t freak out from the birds as he did from baby B’s tricycle.

I know, Twitter is important. Without it a very big portion of you would not be reading this post. What frustrates me is how easy it is to lie on twitter. It’s short so it’s easier for people to read and information, regardless of its merit, spreads like wildfire with one RT. But I truly believe that people should be held accountable for spreading lies that encourage violence and foster hate.

We cannot forget Facebook and it’s role for insiting hate and violence. It deserves a prize as well. The whole Bahrain situation, making the government and the armed forces out to be the bad guys is sickening. I sit here reading some guys from Oklahoma (I kid you not) talk about how Saudi is invading Bahrain and some woman from London (at least a little closer than Oklahoma) say stupid things like “Stop blaming Iran! They are only asking for democracy in Bahrain, is that so hard to believe”… yeah… democracy… with machetes… peaceful protests… with women being raped and maimed… those poor poor “peaceful protesters”.

I won’t elaborate more because, as I have said before, this is not a politically motivated blog (which is probably why I have found it so difficult to write the past few weeks). At the end of the day, I am throwing myself head first into the insanity that is happening and not giving myself a few minutes a day to just think about nice things. So I am going to try and write more and tweet less.

And in my little life, with my little family, quite a lot has happened. For starters Baby B got a black eye :( He lost his balance and collided with the side of the coffee table. I was in a meeting at the time and came home to find he had a HUGE welt above his eye. At this point he was happily having his lunch with his cousin (they have play dates now a few morning a week where they generally ignore each other or try and take toys away from each other and occasionally whack each other on the head).

Anyway, he was perfectly happy having lunch and I calmly scooped him up and went to the emergency room where I felt like a complete idiot upon arriving because obviously he was fine but the welt was so huge! you could see it protrudes from his head so much it was clearly visible when you looked at his profile. My husband left work to come to the ER and my mother in law came as well. As a result, M missed an important meeting, Baby B missed lunch and his nap and was in a terrible mood. Mama B on the other hand felt like an idiot but at least was no longer worrying.

S had a few erratic, odd days at school. He was acting up and doing things that were out of character. Not sure what triggered it. I have been so busy lately as I have been helping out at a school and trying to organize a few family things. My time has been spent running from one thing to another. I have been stresses and he had a few late nights which I am sure are the biggest reason his behavior was off. It seems like we are back on track now though. Highlights of what he said this week: “Right if I wear a T-shirt with a picture on it I can’t hold the Qur’an?” “I have a very good reason for you to get me a blackberry!” Me:“what is that reason S?” Him:“So you can wake me for ‘Salat’ (prayer)”. Trickyyyy. Well played but no.

J had her birthday a week ago and her birthday party yesterday. Both went well. I think I am more excited about her turning 5 than she is! It opens up so many doors! So many classes she can take that are 5 and above. So many summer programs! It’s cool being 5!

This past weekend was birthday marathon! There were 2 on Wednesday and 4 on Thursday! J and S actually went to the 2 on Wednesday. I got worried because one of the birthday parties we went to was amazingly big and a literal birthday dream for every kid. It had it all mashallah, even a pony!

J’s birthday had: Bouncy Castle, Face Painter, an arts and crafts table… thats about it. We rented an ice cream, cotton candy and pop corn machine and a projector because J wanted a cinema. Side note, this is an AMAZING idea for parties with lots of children hopped up on sugar and not a big amount of space. When it started to get dark we set the dinner on the tables and put a movie on for them outside. They all sat on the carpets that were laid out and had a mellow night.

I held it at my mothers house in our old play room. We pushed all the furniture against the walls and used the exact same carpets my mother used when we used to have our birthday parties there. It was so cool to see my kids sitting, cross legged, eating their dinner off paper plates with tropical colors (Lilo and Stich theme) on the same carpets we sat on with our friends a long (not too long) time ago. J was so happy with her party, even after the other ‘party to end all parties’. Her only request was “When I have my party when I am 6 can I have a clown?” doable inshallah.

Last year J had an almost identical birthday party also at my mother’s. The best part was that the party was on a thursday but they did not pick up the bouncy castle till saturday morning so we spent the day on the bouncy castle in our pajamas! This year they came late morning to pick it all up but not before my kids invented “pop candy” which was basically popcorn with cotton candy sugar! and had sneaked a few mouthfuls of ice cream before breakfast!

Finally, at 10.30 PM I found out that the King gave all the students Saturday off school. This is a changing point in life, one I will remember for ever, the time that I knew if there was any ounce of me that was not mommified it is long gone because my reaction to that was WHAT!!! But my kids have been sleeping since 7.30! meaning they will be up at 6.30!!! Meaning they will be in my room by 6.32! WIth NOTHING to do all day!!! Had I know I would have kept them up a bit later! ‘sobbing’


  1. Have been thinking about you and yours with all the press about Saudi and Bahrain. I hope a quick and peaceful solution can be found.
    Good to hear about your children…doing all those things other children are doing all around the world. (Especially whacking cousins on the head! lol)

  2. LMAO at the no school on Saturday thing… I had my kids up till 10:30 pm on Friday night :D :D :D I was gonna squeeze in some extra sleep for Saturday, but seeing as hubby has NOOO idea that he was also off, I woke up with him, got him breakfast only to find out that he would be back in less then an hour.. lol…

    I share your sentiments, I am getting sooo frustrated with all the BS going on about Bahrain, and Saudi.. I have had to unfollow certain people because it seemed they were just tweeting, and retweeting lie after lie after lie… and now I sit here, how many lies was I fed during the entire Egypt thing… I really don’t know what to believe. I have family in Bahrain, and I was hearing from them first hand info, and when twitter went crazy with certain groups making certain claims.. I just could not believe people were believing it… and after seeing some dude on the other side of the world angered at Saudis involvement in Bahrain, and equating it with Iran.. I just could not believe people were soo severely stu*&$. Anyway.. I understand your frustrations, and I am also annoyed at some local bloggers who are high-jacking these stories, and using it for their own purpose to try and stir trouble. Grrrr!!

    Anyway, hope all is well with Baby B is better enshallah.

    • Om Lujain! Missed you! I had the same feelings about not knowing what to believe about anything anymore. I get so angry. My sisters have made it their duty as Saudis and Khaleejis to fight back on twitter with facts but I just don’t have the energy that they do or the deciplin not to say something stupid lol. Baby B is fine, more bumps and bruises but that’s toddler life for you. Hilarious about your husband! I hope your family in Bahrain are keeping safe. It’s heartbreaking. We’re going to the eastern province this weekend and its so strange not to be going to Bahrain… Inshallah all will be safe again soon.

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