30 Revisited

A friend of mine just turned 30. She had a status on her bb saying “I’m 30!” And a surprised face beside it. So this is for you, the virtues (and vices) of turning 30.

30 is fun!
30 Is the age where you are nothing but an adult, in a good way.
At 30 you can say “I can do this without worrying. I’m 30!” Or “I don’t have to do this! I’m 30!”
30 is the time when you know exactly what style suits you, what doesn’t and how to wear you hair. Or at least its the age when you are stuck with what ever style you have developed for yourself, good or bad.
30 is the age when if you have children you are a young mother and if you haven’t you still have time.
At 30 I realised, while attending my nephews birthday party, that to all the children there I was the grown up! Not that nice of a realisation! (Immediately wanted to jump on the bouncy castle, eat ice cream and have my face painted!)
At 30 I still remember how to play most of the games my children do and can surprise them with some they haven’t heard of.
At 30 you still feel like a 20-year-old without making the mistakes of one… Well at least making fewer mistakes or making better mistakes.
At 30 when you make a mistake you own it and fix it.
30 is when u decide what kind of person you are going to be. It is your last chance to change bad habits because after 30 what’s good gets better, what’s bad gets worse and you can’t say you didn’t know any better. (Every grumpy old person had a turning point that they missed, I bet you it was at 30)

At 30 you own your life and take responsibility for it. Make it the best life you can. You control at least 40% of what happens to you (totally made up number btw) but how you react to what happens to you is 100% under your control.

I love being 30 (+1) and hope I you feel the same now and at 40 50 60 70 80 and beyond YA RAB!


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