Previously In Mama B’s Life…

And once again I went AWAL. No good excuse as to why I have disappeared really. Just bad time management and life. I am back though (Yes I know I said that last time) but I am having withdrawal symptoms and find myself saying to people in conversation “That’s another thing I’m going to write about in my blog”. (Can’t remember a single on of those things now that I want to write something but I promise you they were going to be perfection). You will all have to settle for my updates and ramblings (which are also pure gold).

Wedding lag lasted longer than expected. And the left over chocolates unfortunately did not. They found their merry way into my tummy and the tummies of close friends and family. The most popular of which was a diabolical invention called Oreo Balls. It is made of crushed oreos wrapped around a malteser! (Maybe J is a bit clairvoyant! She calls M&M’s Baltezos. I’m sure this is what she was trying to convey). If you are ready to get addicted, and will not hold me responsible, you can order these from Art and Talent Center. On their page they show all the work they do for children’s parties but when you go or call ask them for their cakes and desserts list and you will be lost for choice. (the bread pudding is to die for as well)

Another ridiculously addictive choice were the square marshmallows from Cannelle. They also do them dipped in chocolate! If you want something more savoury then go with the “saj” sandwiches they have (freshly baked on a special “saj” cooker with a convex shape) It is by far the best saj I have had in Riyadh.

Then I went on a high protein diet that is going well… not perfect but well. I have lost some weight and am about 4 kilos away from the weight I was pre babies! The annoying this is everyone keeps saying it’s the thinnest they have ever seen me… Either the fat has pooled in different places or people cannot remember me when I was my thinnest. Anyways, who cares, the important thing is that I am getting healthy… and that I might be able to fit into my pre pregnancy jeans if my diet keeps going well (and if I can find them).

I have started working out again with a trainer my cousin recommended to me. I absolutely hate it! I don’t get why it has to be so torturous. Now my idea of a warm up is 5 minutes fast paced walking on a treadmill then some stretching. Her idea of a bloody warm up is 10 minutes running on a treadmill then horrible painful stretches then the work out starts with her giving me weights and making me jump around like an idiot. Seriously, jumping squats and lunges with weights are not my thing… JUMPING SQUATS! and in front of a mirror. I don’t want to run a marathon!! I just want to be less wobbly. Is that not achievable without feeling like you want to kill yourself?

The worst part is that she has a running monologue throughout that goes like this:” ONE you can do it TWO keep going THREE come on FOUR faster FIVE you can do it SIX come on SEVEN try harder... etc”. This whole “you can do it” and “come on” thing annoys the crap out of me! It reminds me of when I am in labour except I actually have a choice in this matter and the voice in my head keeps going “you’re actually paying her to do this to you! what the hell?”.

I have only had three sessions with her so far (2 of which I nearly fainted during!) and I literally have to talk myself into attending before every class during which I hatch plans in my head of fool-proof excuses to get out of the rest of the classes I booked.

Preparations for our summer are underway. Meaning we are struggling to get things ready! We want to go to Los Angeles. When you have kids a longer time in one place is better than shorter times in different places. We want to rent a house, then sit there and vacate… What’s the verb of vacation? vacation? Regardless, I want to relaaaax. Plus, in a house I have more control over expenses since there is no room service and mini bar. Although the drawback to that is that there is no room service… or maid service. But I refer you back to the post I wrote saying TRY TO NEVER GO ON VACATION WITH CHILDREN WITHOUT HAVING SOMEONE TO HELP because other wise it’s not a vacation, it’s your life but somewhere else. (or a post I imagine I wrote as I can no longer find it to link back to it)

So, We have help with the kids, and the cleaning and the cooking (cause they will starve if I have to cook). Which reminds me of the time we were in London while M was doing his masters and I only had S and J at the time and a nanny who up and left one sunday morning. She was Kenyan and I had brought her over to London with me from Saudi. If you are unaware of this a lot of domestic staff consider Saudi and other Gulf countries stepping-stones to get into Europe and the USA because they wouldn’t normally be issued visa’s from their home countries. Once they make their way into the country of their choice, usually traveling as a nanny or a maid with a family, they find their communities in said country and plan their escape. I will tell you of my adventures with runaway nannies in another post.

Anyway, I had to cook for the children. Breakfast was easy, I can make many good healthy breakfast meals (Fruit, porridge, eggs, etc) Lunch was tricky. So I would make them a pasta and stick a plate of vegetable in front of them and say “you can’t have the mac and cheese till you finish that plate” sort of thing. Thankfully I found someone to help me dinner time so the kids did not starve.

Oh! I nearly forgot! we have another dog! Extremely unexpected but a great relief because Camden was getting lonely. She is a little yorkie called peanut that is completely mad. Her idea of fun is jumping at Camden’s face, biting a chunk of his hair and hanging off while he tries to shake her free. They play tag (I swear!) Cause he runs out the room chasing her then they run back in with peanut chasing him! Chaos and madness… they fit right in.

Finally the kids are fine, about ready for the summer vacation. S has a swimming birthday party (it’s 3 birthdays in 1 actually, him and his best friends) so it should be… not sure what word to use here with the image of dozens of boys in and around a swimming pool… wait for my full report coming up next week!


  1. Hello I’ve been wondering where you’ve been.
    Love the look of those sweets.
    LOL at the gym – I gave it up for all those reasons. I’m swimming and walking and the wobbly bits are starting to budge.
    LOLOLOLOL at the: take help if you take your kids on vacation or your life on vacation is just your life somewhere else.
    And that dog is veeerrry cute.
    Welcome back. (again)

    • Thank you Karyn! Have been reading every post you have written and as usual gaining a lot from them! But have not had a chance to comment! Love your blog so much and recommend it to any parent!

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