Stuff S Says About Reading

Front of the Quran
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Me: I bet you can read 3 books this summer. I’ll read 8 and who ever finishes their books by the end of the summer gets a prize

S went quiet for a while and thought about it

S: I know what my first book will be.

Me: really?

S: The Quran!

Me: That’s a really long book for you to read. It might take more than the summer.

S: You’re right… and it has a lot of difficult words as well.

Me: Yes, but you can read it slowly and take your time.

S: What would I get if I read it all?

Me: If you read all of the Quran? anything you like

S: UFFF! WALLAH? (Really?!)

Me: Yes.

Longer moment of silence passes

S: Mama… What’s the book God sent to Sayidina Moosa (Moses)? The Bible?

Me: No, the Torah.

S: Is it shorter than the Quran?


  1. LOL.
    Then there is the Book given in 1974 and 1977 in Arès, France. I think it is even shorter, available in French, English and German, so far.

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