B (Formerly Known As Baby B Cause He’s Not So Much A Baby Anymore <3)

I never write enough about him. Just because he can’t talk much and needs help doing pretty much everything, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a killer personality. The past few days he and I have been outcast from the family because of the virus and during this time I have realized that he fills so much of my day with joy, yet takes up little to no space on my blog. So, here is a tribute to my Baby B.

Thank you for giving me head hugs (climbing right up to my shoulder, sticking your hands in my hair and hugging my head)

Thank you for playing “day” with me

Thank your for all you “Abibo’s” (I love you’s)

Thank you for making my grandmother smile by kissing her hand every time you can get a hold of it

Thank you for making “Mama Noula” laugh every time you go visit and showing her how much you love her (and her biscuits) with all your hugs and kisses

Thank you for your sense of humor and for the trick you play on us by hiding things (mobiles, glasses, books) and making us find them. And for clapping “bravo” when we finally do

Thank you for being one of the highlights of “Babendy’s” day when you run into her room and blow her kisses

Thank you for sleeping through the night

Thank you for having a good appetite

Thank you for telling me when you need to go poopi then running away from me when I want to change you

Thank you for making S such a proud older brother by adoring him and trying to do everything he does

Thank you for how you love J and give her kisses even though she sometimes overwhelms you with her hugs that are too tight and her kisses that are too rough

Thank you for patting me on the back when I sing you a lullaby

Thank you for putting a smile on M’s face no matter how tough of a day he has had

Thank you and as I said the day you were born, if everyone had a B the world would be a better place.

الله يحفظك و اخليك لي

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