Blue or Pink

So, I keep forgetting I’m pregnant! I mean I am past the horrible first trimester and in the “honeymoon” phase so don’t have the constant yucky feeling to remind me. Also having three children in the house (one under 2) occupies me enough during the day for me to… forget! Then, on Wednesday, I had my 12 week scan and there was my little bundle inside me like they said he was all along. And then the excitement flooded in! Until I forget again!

I’m hoping all the distraction will make the time fly by and suddenly I’ll have little baby x in my arms (after a miraculously painless and short labour YA RAB!). Now I know it is ridiculously early (I was 12 weeks 6 days when I had the scan) but while the technician was doing the scan we saw something that definitely looked boy like. The technician said she cannot be 100% sure but she’ll be really really surprised if it turned out to be a girl.

So, it looks like 3 boys and a girl Insha Allah (God willing). I never imagined I’d have more boys than girls! And while I know the most important thing is that the baby is healthy I did hope for a sister for J. I LOVE having sisters… I can’t imagine my life without them. I was hoping J would have the same thing.

I told my husband and his reaction was “Right, I’m going to spoil her then”. Which is not true cause knowing my husband he wouldn’t let them get away with a hint of selfishness let alone being spoilt. J’s reaction to the news that it maybe a boy was “I told you I wanted a girl one! Now they’re going to be more than us!”.

Thinking about it though, there are so many girls in our family who are close to J. As close as sisters! So, for all you female cousins out there and second cousins my daughter will be spending a LOT of time with you all! You better not treat her like a friend! SISTERS ONLY! So that means constant bickering, being brutally honest, one or two wrestling matches, borrowing clothes, getting angry because of borrowed clothes, sleep overs, fits of giggle and lots of love.

Of course this is all going on the assumption that it actually is a boy and what we saw wasn’t the umbilical cord! We’ll find out soon enough.

BTW! Notice anything different?? I got my own domain name :D Now you can just type and voilà! You’re here :D I feel all grown up and independent!

How important are sisters? Is it really terrible to be an only girl? Or really amazing?


  1. As an only girl, u don’t know what it is like to have a sister. You compensate by having girlfriends. I was lucky and blessed that I was blessed with some amazing ones in my life. However, I think one quality that I am blessed with is I am not the jealous type which I think makes a huge difference. Cause jealousy between sisters some how always finds a way to be resolved with love and family bonds but between friends can end up vicious as far as i’v seen. Alf mabrouk again & I can’t wait to meet the little addition to the family weather it’s pink or blue. Big kiss 

    • Thanks for the comment :-) Maya it’s so true. Not a lot of people are blessed with good girlfriends (who can be just as close as sisters!) Looking at my ‘only girl’ girlfriends, the ones with a strong network of friends don’t seem to be missing anything. I’m praying J has friends as close and caring and good as the ones we grew up with!!

    • Great news on all counts…..congrtulations! …Enjoy the pregnancy and preparation time for the little person who will appear soon enough to fill your heart with joy…be they girl or boy! I think J has been blessed with enough charm and tenderness for her role as an only sister …..if that is how it turns out .

  2. I agree with Maya …being an only girl with 2 boys u end up really close 2 ur brothers and compensate with having amazing girlfriends or cousins that are sisters on all accounts…I never knew what it’s like 2 have a sister so if u don’t have it u won’t miss it

    • It is cool to have brothers… They’ll be all protective (in a non neanderthal way I hope) and she will make her own friends! Thank you Nora :-) makes me worry less!

  3. You don’t miss what you don’t know – I’ve heard once that ‘sisters criticize, interfere, take all the time in the bathroom and back up’ and it’s exactly that wether you have a sister or a brother (minus taking all the time in the bathroom but we can discuss that when they grow to teens lol). I’ve a wonderful relationship with my sister that I will not trade for anything else but I’m not sure, I’d have miss having a sister if I didn’t have a sister in the first place – it’s a bit confused, there – . The point is having a sibling or a hundred is that you have a sibling. I know some families where siblings don’t talk to each other at all – which is odd to me – and others where siblings are like BFF. Your relationship to your siblings depend of your education & the importance you give to family. Anyway, stop of my blabbing and congratulations & congratulations & congratulations again.

    • Thank you! It’s true she won’t know what she’s missing… I’ll know lol. But the point is she doesn’t and she’ll be fine because (God willing) she will have good friends to grow up with and cool brothers to have gun with.

  4. Congrats again hon! I found out at veryyy early stages (around the 12 weeks) with my sons that they were boys… they usually say its easy to figure out a boy at that stage… they either have it.. or they don’t.. lol…. But you never know… I had an aunt who thought she was having a boy her entire pregnancy.. (had boy clothing picked out)… and a baby girl popped out.. lol! So you never know! As for being an only girl… My daughter is now an only girl… and she is begging me to have another girl so she can do her hair and put nail polish on for her.. looool… My husband says he will spoil her (HE DOES!!!)…. anyways.. enshallah if it is a boy.. your daughter will be close to her brothers and have an even stronger bond with them then any sister she would have had.. oo il7amdlilah she has a lot of of girls in the family.. so she will always have someone to have those girlie talks with enshallah… Take care of yourself!!! and enjoy every moment <3

    Mabroooooooooooooooook on the new domain!!!

  5. Congratulations, I wish for you a fast and easy birth.

    I am the only girl in my family. I have four brothers two older,two younger. I loved being the only girl. In the middle I had two boys to protect me and two little brothers to boss around. lol I had two very close girlfriends growing up, one of my friends had two sisters both older she stand. It was awful how badly that family treated each other. As adults I don’t think they have spoken to one another in the last 15+years. Now I have 4 sisters-in-laws that are like sisters to me. All four of them are great and I am so pleased to have them in my life.
    The best

    • Hi Cindy, thanks for the comment! Again, all these comments make me feel great! Now no longer have to obsesses about J having a sister (just obsess about good friends lol and good daughters in law!!) LOL

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