YouTube Made Me Smile

If she were my kids I’d take her to Disney every week just for that reaction. Although I think the excitement would wear off by week three lol.


  1. as much as it touched me,,i couldnt help but wonder,how much marketting was already instilled in this child to react this way about disney land.

    • Oh come on Dentographer! It’s Disney Land!! Lol. I had would have had the same reaction when I was her age and the marketing machines were not as full on as they are now (not that that was a long time ago or aching lol).

  2. I hadn’t watched this until I saw that you had enjoyed it… so, I finally broke down and watched it. HOW CUTE… I am pretty sure that my reaction would have been “Yea right, where are my new socks?” But it makes me SO happy to know that for at least this little girl, it was real! : ) Who doesn’t love Disneyland (marketing or not)?

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