The Dog Did It!

There has been some controversy over the following video:

The mother who taped this video has had a lot of back lash about it. She has been called a horrible mother and they have criticized her bad parenting for doing nothing while her daughter cried.

This is the mothers response to people’s reactions as posted on Babble : “First I was angry – clearly this person didn’t have kids or they would know that coddling your child isn’t the answer to stopping every tantrum a 2-year-old has. I’ll let this roll off my shoulders… wait… people think I’m a bad mom after watching this? Hold the Internet presses. We’re shutting down. No more video. No shows, no news reports. What if social services calls and says I’m raising my child incorrectly? Can I possibly defend myself?”

I’m personally shocked. I am shocked that she’s getting this backlash. Anyone with a toddler knows that tantrums can be a daily occurrence. And I, personally, have actually tapped one of my kids (who shall remain nameless) because said child had legendary 45 minute tantrums that just didn’t stop. And I agree with the mother when she says these people obviously don’t have any children otherwise they would know a tantruming child is better left ignored.

With what I read about how strict (sometimes overly so) the authorities are in the states I am pretty sure if they saw my home videos I would be in trouble. I have taped tantrums. I have taped my toddler jumping off a couch onto a pile of pillows, then missing the pillows and hitting the coffee table thankfully without major incident (I have since deleted that video cause it’s not so nice to watch). I have taped them having a tug of war over a toy. All these things won’t kill them. I see them as proof of my kids resilience, fantastic examples of fearlessness and childhood memories.

What do you think? Is it bad parenting of just totally blown out of proportion?


  1. I’ve read the post before watching the video, so I was expecting something more on the video but all I saw was a kid throwing a tantrum; a scene I’m more than familiar with at our household when my sister’s come over with their kids.

    People of the internet, kindly untwist your knickers.

  2. I thought the video was funny. I grew up with dogs and they always howeled at my piano playing! I think some people in general are somewhat crazy and so quick to judge. I guess that is why I avoid mainstream media a lot because I find it so silly. Oh well….

  3. LOL I thought it was funny that he was ignoring it like he was used to it and then yelled out :p That was HARDLY a tantrum. My son is 4 now but good God when he was younger he was so naughty and I just wish that was a tantrum he had. I agree the person that left the nasty comments has no kids and WAY to much free time. People are going to find faults with everything bc they have small minds and want to hurt others, its sad.

  4. I thought the video was sooo funny! You have got to have a sick mind to think there’s something wrong with her parenting. Geez ppl lighten up the baby is fine, clearly just crying out of no serious reasons than maybe she didnt get the cookie she wanted.
    Btw my dog does that too when babies cry and sometimes when he hears opera singing! Dogs like to join in on the chorus :)

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