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I am half way through it. Getting bigger and feeling some movement (sometimes). I always forget from one pregnancy to the other all of the little milestones that happen. So I freak out about not feeling the baby move as much as I think I should feel him. Like I freaked out about the days I didn’t have morning sickness. Like I freaked out about not “feeling pregnant”.

So, according to one of the books, applications or websites I read about pregnancy my baby is the size of an orange. Why they keep choosing to compare the baby to different fruits I will never understand (grape then plum then pair and now orange). My little baby can now smile and frown and hear my lovely voice (which has been mostly yelling at S and J every night for acting like monkeys at bedtime! But that’s another story.)

I am excited and impatient to hold this little baby in my arms. And terrified. I am terrified of the birth. Yes I know, monkeys can do it. (second reference to monkeys so far… hummmm)  It’s the uncertainty that scares the hell out of me. If you’ve given birth then you’ll know what I’m talking about. After the pain and the labour and the hours of the same thing over and over when it’s time for the baby to come out it’s that uncertainty. When it’s all, basically, on you to get the baby out. When you start pushing and then they tell you that you HAVE to push NOW. And if you don’t or can’t or are in ridiculous amounts of pain they tell you again if you don’t push now it won’t be a good. The baby is tired, and has had enough and needs to come out. That is the part I hate. At that time so much can go wrong.

I am also anxious about what happens after the baby is born. Between the births of my three children now there are at least 3 years. You can explain a lot to a 3 year old. You can have a 3 year old “help” with the baby. What do you do with a 2 year old? A 2 year old who is right now the center of attention because he’s so damn good at getting it and because he might just be the cutest little boy alive. How do you explain to him that the baby in your tummy is coming out one day? And what do you do about jealousy?

How do I explain a baby to a 2 year old? A baby who is going to share the lime light with him? S was great with J when she was born. Their competition and sibling rivalry showed up when J was old enough to say “I CAN DO IT TOO!”. J was great with B when he was born and did everything she could to help out with him. She is still protective over him and there is been no jealousy between them (so far thank God). Will I be as lucky the 3rd time?

What’s the age difference between your children? Was there a lot of jealousy? 


  1. When Faris was born Maya was 2 years 4 months, and being a sweet newborn in comparison to the little monster she was (and I’m saying that with love) it was sort of like a new mommy honeymoon for me ,, it was honestly the first beautiful taste I get of motherhood because he allowed me to enjoy him as opposed to only driving me crazy. Maya’s monstrous side got to its worst level in spite of my attempts to NEVER show any extra attention to the little baby ,, she loved him in a scary/ strangling/ tough hugging kind of way and ticked my buttons by constantly crying and NOT using the potty anymore (perhaps her way of showing me she’s a baby too) .. Annnnnnyhow, I really really hope your experience with the new baby/ older sibling joyously is NOTHING like mine LOL :D

    • yummma… looool How long did it last though?? And I haven’t even begun to potty train B yet (I usually wait till they start wanting to do it themselves it makes it easier) so yes, I will have two in diapers. But thank God I have help at home. But seriously, how long did it take? or is it still going on???

  2. haha ,, well it lasted for quite a while wallah ,, but by the time Faris started crawling it wasn’t as annoying because he kind of enjoyed her tough play and she started having fun with him too and forgot about trying to drive me crazy ,, now that she’s 4 she LOVES playing the big sis role, when he does a mistake she actually takes him outside to -as she puts it- “have a talk” with him and tell him what he did was wrong :) it’s kind of adorable now lol

  3. aah… that moment when its all on u.. PUSH.. if you don’t push NOW something will happen to teh baby.. and then for your dear life pushhhhhhhhhhhhh… and then that last feeling when it just kind of plops out.. lol.. BLISS..lol

    anyway… my daughter is 4 year 4 months and a bit old.. my son is 2 years and 2 months old.. and my baby will be 6 months Dec 1st enshallah… so my daughter was about 2 years and 2 months when her brother was born.. and she did get a bit jealous.. but not so much… my younger sister and mom were with me (I was with them) for about 2 months.. and they gave full attention to her.. when we got back to Riyadh.. she was all good il7amdlilah.. and no real jealousy… but when my youngest was born.. my son was and is jealous.. lol.. there are times when he hears his brother crying.. and then comes jumps on my lap trying to get his attention.. so I purposely pretend I can’t hear the baby crying (I know he is well.. all is ok.. and a couple of minutes of crying will NOT harm him in any way)… and play with him… then we go together to his brothers room to check in on him.. lol… the trick Ihave seen work is trying to make him part of everything.. getting the kids to get my diapers (they fight over that task.. lol)… getting them to do different stuff… I must say that il7amdlilah my daughter is such an amazing help.. I really don’t think I could have gotten half the things done if she didn’t help me.. or didn’t keep her brother busy.. :)

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